Buffalo River DredgeWBFO’S Eileen Buckley will explore the ‘HISTORY OF WATERWAYS’. The story will look at historical moments including the Erie Canal, a boom in port in the late 1800’s, Lake Erie pollution of the 1960’s. The series will work to examine condition and concerns and how the water was turned around form the 1970’s.  It will also look at fish and wildlife that live below our waters, Buffalo River dredging and access to our waterfront.  

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May 12, 2014

After decades of pollution pouring into our waterways, a massive cleanup effort continues along the Buffalo River. WBFO & WNED-TV are examining our region's water resources in a project called If Our Water Could Talk. A special documentary will air Monday at 9 p.m. on WNED-TV. WBFO's Eileen Buckley begins our series looking back to the industrial age that tainted out most precious resource.

Listen to If Our Water Could Talk: Buffalo River history Part I by Eileen Buckley


May 13, 2014

On a recent, less-than-ideal, Saturday afternoon, some hearty kayakers and fishermen were making full use of the Harlem Road/Buffalo River boat launch site. The scene would not have been imaginable a half-century ago.

Listen to If Our Water Could Talk Part II: Success Stories by Jay Moran


May 14, 2014

With its origins in the hills of Wales and Java, the Buffalo River, like most streams, begins in the highlands before flowing downhill into another body of water. Lake Erie serves as the mouth of the Buffalo River, providing the waterway with its unique character.

Listen to If Our Water Could Talk Part III: Fish & Wildlife by Jay Moran


May 15, 2014

All this week, WBFO and WNED-TV are examining Western New York’s water resources in a project called If Our Water Could Talk. While economic development remains an important focus for the Buffalo waterfront, WBFO's Eileen Buckley reports, so is the issue of providing access to our water.

Listen to If Our Water Could Talk Part IV: Access to our waterways by Eileen Buckley and John Grant


May 16, 2014

After decades of missteps, Buffalo is finally experiencing a renaissance along the waterfront. All this week, WBFO has explored life along the Buffalo River. In our final installment of If Our Water Could Talk, WBFO's Jay Moran and Eileen Buckley explore how the city waterfront is now the catalyst inspiring future economic development being called 'Rust to Blue.'

Listen to If Our Water Could Talk Part V: The Future by Eileen Buckley and Jay Moran.




Funding for If Our Water Could Talk is provided by HSBC and Honeywell. With additional funding from The Joy Family Foundation, Lawley Insurance and The Baird Foundation.