Classical Program Hosts

Bob Krum
Program Host

“Bob Krum has had the privilege of guest-conducting many of the world’s greatest orchestras…all in the comfort of his very own living room.”

Peter Hall
Program Host
After growing out of the idea of being a cowboy or a fireman, I thought being a musician might be my calling.

Bob Berkman
Program Host

Bob Berkman, a native Clevelander, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre at that city’s Case Western Reserve University, where he also studied piano with Jeanette Cherubini and composition with Bernard Frum.

Stratton Rawson 
Music Director

Stratton Rawson grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York State midway between the Hudson River and the Appalachian Trail in the shadow of some the oldest mountains on earth.

 John Andres
Program Host
John Andres was born in Rochester, New York. He attended elementary, high school and community college there.

Violist Virginia Barron
Program Host

Virginia is equally adept as a chamber player, orchestral musician, and teacher.

Jim Berryman
Radio Operations, Production Coordinator and Program Host

 Jim Berryman started in radio in 1989 as a fill-in host for "Jazz in the Nighttime" at WEBR-AM.

Lynn Engle
Program Host


My indoctrination into the world of classical music began at an early age.

Laura Johnson
Program Host
Laura's career in broadcasting began in 1981 at WHIL-FM in Mobile, Alabama.

Carl Lam
Program Host

Carl is a senior at SUNY Fredonia studying Music, Audio/Radio Production and Journalism.

 Steve Levinthal
Program Host
Steve Levinthal has been Classical 94.5 WNED's Sunday morning announcer since the station’s inception in 1977.

Ed. Simone
Program Host
Ed. started at Classical 94.5 WNED as an evening (and sometime morning) host in 1995, then went off to Texas for three years where he taught theater and was a producer/host for classical radio in San Antonio.