Wednesday, 10 April 2013 09:44

Our Town

Building on its mission to educate, inform, enlighten and entertain, WNED-TV productions have contributed significantly to the Western New York and Southern Ontario communities. The programming both reflects and benefits the station's diverse, bi-national audience.

Through partnerships with numerous local organizations, WNED's programs have increased awareness about crucial health-related issues; historical events and figures; unique natural and cultural assets; and important education topics. The WNED catalog even includes two popular cooking series.

What: This series from WNED is a video scrapbook of the people, places and happenings of Western New York and Southern Ontario towns as seen through the eyes of their residents. Every episode charts one week of activity in each community.
Who: The area's residents shoot footage with their personal camcorders. WNED-TV provides one-hour of blank videotape for each volunteer in the format of their choice. There are no restrictions as to age or experience and no cost to participate. Just a willingness to be part of the project.
When: As the public television station that serves a very large geographic area, the "Our Town" project has been developed to involve the communities and their residents with WNED-TV.

Recruitment announcements for volunteer videographers appear in local media, which will contain all contact and deadline information. All participants must be registered prior to the taping day. Volunteers are then asked to attend one of two pre-production organizational meetings to answer any questions about the project and to brainstorm a list of subjects to videotape.