Privacy Policy


WNED|WBFO collects contact information for the purpose of promotion and solicitation. WNED|WBFO does on occasion exchange its donor list with like-minded not-for-profit organizations, to reach new audiences and potential members. All exchanges follow the guidelines of the WNYPBA List Exchange Policy below.



Western New York
Public Broadcasting Association
List Exchange Policy

Western New York Public Broadcasting Association (WNYPBA) will not exchange its membership or donor file with any political party or politically motivated organization for any purpose, including and most notably donor prospecting or solicitation.

WNYPBA will only exchange selected membership or donor names with not-for-profit or arts/cultural organizations with similar mission, for the purpose of expanding its prospective donor base. WNYPBA will not trade (nor does it expect to receive in return) member/donor telephone numbers or donor histories.

WNYPBA will, on occasion and with the assistance of a commercial list broker, rent names of magazine subscribers and catalogue shoppers. The selected publication lists must be relevant to WNYPBA’s programming, or must reflect the psychographics of WNYPBA’s audience.

WNYPBA members may request that their name not be traded. The member or his/her assign must make this request, by contacting WNYPBA’s membership department. This information is printed on the masthead of each issue of WNYPBA’s membership magazine.

Any third party service provider (list broker, direct mail house or consultant) must abide by WNYPBA’s policy, and will only be engaged by WNYPBA if it agrees to allow WNYPBA full control over list exchange decisions. Such requests must be made in writing to the Director of Membership or President/CEO.

Adopted July 30, 1999, Board of Trustees