When one musician plays a second or third instrument, it’s known as “doubling.”  Most people who attend BPO concerts know Anna Mattix as an English Hornist, but this weekend at the Roycroft Chamber Music Festival Anna “doubles” on oboe!  WNED’s Peter Hall found out more.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 19:01

Piero Barone of Il Volo

Caruso did it, Pavarotti did it, and now, for a new generation, the three young men who make up “Il Volo” are keeping alive the tradition of what is commonly known as “Neopolitan singing.”  Il Volo appears Wednesday night at Kleinhans Music Hall at 8, and WNED’s Peter Hall found out more from Piero Barone.

 The 2014 Roycroft Chamber Music Festival offers concerts this Saturday and Sunday at St. Matthias Church in East Aurora,  Saturday night at 8 and Sunday at 7, with a special “sneak peek” concert this Friday, June 6th at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Buffalo.  Many of the Roycroft performers are from the BPO, including English Hornist Anna Mattix and Violinist Megan Prokes, who each “double” on a related instrument.  WNED’s Peter Hall found out more.


Italian pharmacist and music lover, Mr. Michele Pittaluga, after being in German concentration camps for five years during WWII, came home to Alessandria, Italy to found the Alessandria International Guitar Competition, with encouragement from the great Andres Segovia.  His daughter, Micaela Pittaluga is the President of the Pittaluga Competition, and is one of the 2014 Falletta Competition judges.  She recently spoke with WNED’s Peter Hall. 

One trick to winning the Falletta Competition is being able to listen to the orchestra (or piano accompaniment during the semi-final rounds).  One trick to a successful marriage is also listening.  Duo guitarists (Ms.) Dale Kavanagh and (Mr.) Thomas Kirchhoff have been happily married and have been performing together as the Amadeus Guitar Duo for 30 years.  They are judges at this year’s competition and WNED’s Peter Hall found out more.