Making Buffalo Home
"We The People" | Part of The Peace Project
"We the People" is part of the Peace Project on display in WNED's Horizons Gallery through Jan. 6, 2019
Frederick Law Olmsted High School Artist statement:
"We The People;" the beginning of the Preamble to the United States Constitution, is the subject of our People Project. We the People is all encompassing and reflective of our diverse society. Students chose a language from their heritage to write the phrase, "We the People." in calligraphy.
Special thanks to Art Teacher Diane Arnone

Making Buffalo Home is a two-year, in-depth WNED | WBFO engagement initiative to inform and raise awareness of immigration for our entire community. The project aims to help the region develop a better understanding of the shared opportunities and challenges we face together as long-time residents and new immigrants and refugees.

Making Buffalo Home is funded by Rich Products Corporation and Rich Family Foundation.