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Week of June 5, 2017

Edward Elgar
There’s much more to Edward Elgar than graduation marches and the Enigma Variations. A 
composer of equally masterful symphonies, oratorios, chamber music, and concertos, he led a 
renaissance in 20th century England that firmly reestablished its musical identity. Don’t miss the 
last installment of the week when Bill features the “English Rose”, Jacqueline Du Pre in her legendary performance of Elgar’s Cello Concerto. 

Week of June 12, 2017

By his early thirties, Igor Stravinsky had captured the world stage with The Firebird, dazzled audiences with Petrushka, and incited riots with The Rite of Spring. Before the First World War, he had earned his place as a seminal figure of the 20th century. We’ll explore this fascinating life and sample his chamber music, symphonies and more. 

Week of June 19, 2017

The Four Seasons
From the boundless majesty of the summer sun in Haydn’s Die Jahreszeiten to the frosty snow and shivering winds of Vivaldi’s Winter, this week is dedicated to music inspired by the changing seasons. Come and find out how something as natural and routine as the seasons and the changes between them can inspire a wide variety of music.

Week of June 26, 2017


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Classics by Request

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