The Great American Read

Launch Special

America’s 100 best-loved books are revealed, launching the campaign & the nationwide vote.

THE GREAT AMERICAN READ is an eight-part series that explores and celebrates the power of reading, told through the prism of America’s 100 best-loved novels (as chosen in a national survey). It investigates how and why writers create their fictional worlds, how we as readers are affected by these stories, and what these 100 different books have to say about our diverse nation and our shared human experience.

The television series features entertaining and informative documentary segments, with compelling testimonials from celebrities, authors, notable Americans and book lovers across the country. It is comprised of a two-hour launch episode in which the list of 100 books is revealed, five one-hour theme episodes that examine concepts common to groups of books on the list, and a finale, in which the results are announced of a nationwide vote to choose America’s best-loved book.

Download a PDF list of the 100 books here.

Voting is Open!

Explore the list below and vote for your favorites! You can cast your vote here on the site or on Twitter and Facebook using a hashtag for each book. Click here to view the full details about how to vote.

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How Many Books Have You Read?

Have you read all 100 books? Find out by taking the reading scorecard quiz to get your score and share with your friends!

Meet the host, Meredith Vieira

As host, Meredith Vieira will take viewers on a journey across the country to uncover the nation’s 100 most-loved novels.

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The Great American Read - Young Adult Literature

Head to the WNED Facebook page on Tuesday July 31st at 2pm for a discussion on Young Adult Literature as part of the PBS' Great American Read.

Share your Love of Reading with WNED

WNED-TV Invites You To Share Your Love of Reading

As part of The Great American Read project, WNED, along with its partners at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Libraries, Talking Leaves Books, and Just Buffalo Literary Center, is collecting stories and thoughts about favorite books from WNY and Southern Ontario residents this summer.

You can sign up for a 20-minute time slot to have your stories and thoughts videotaped in the Buffalo Central Library's sound booth. In particular, we are seeking stories about sharing the love of reading or of specific books across generations. It could be a story of when your grandmother first read you Charlotte's Web and it sparked your love of novels. Or when you shared Ready Player One with your father and he finally understood why people like to read about dystopian futures. We want to hear your stories about how reading is contagious among generations and how it can pull family members closer.

Tell your story on camera at the Buffalo Central Library
A limited number of spots are available:
June 27 - 9am to 1pm
July 11 - 10am to 2pm
July 21 - 11am to 2pm
August 9 - 6pm to 8pm

Explore the Books

Explore the book list and visit the book pages to learn more.

Book Checklist

Download the list of books and check off the ones you've read (or want to read).

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It's Lit!

When the Book is Better than the Movie | Lindsay


Which is better, the book or the movie? Since the dawn of cinema, film has been sort of the little brother of the more heady, intellectual medium of novels. And many film adaptations of literature leave viewers and critics saying… “The book was better.” But why do adaptations of beloved stories tend not to live up to the source material?

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When the Book is Better than the Movie | Lindsay
It's Lit!
When the Book is Better than the Movie | Lindsay
The Evolution of YA
It's Lit!
The Evolution of YA
Why Everybody Should Read Harry Potter
Why Everybody Should Read Harry Potter

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