Shaw Festival 2018 Season Preview

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In the spirit of George Bernard Shaw, the Shaw Festival entertains audiences from near and far in picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Their diverse acting ensemble and production company presents a season from April – October, offering up 14 different plays on 3 stages.

WNED welcomed The Shaw Festival’s artistic director Tim “T.C.” Carroll into our studios to speak with WBFO Theatre Talk’s, Anthony Chase. T.C. has one season under his belt as Shaw’s Artistic Director and continues his goal of creating a two-way theatre experience for patrons.

“It’s part of a wider desire I have to make sure that when you come, you get more than just a show. We have post show conversations, we have pre-show talks, classes that you can take. We have a pop up patio where we have food trucks and live music between shows.”

Deliberate themes emerged during the conversation about the season including the role of women playwrights, Stephen Fry and his trilogy, Mythos: Gods. Heroes. Men, and the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of WWI. Three plays in the season deal with WWI, including Joan Littlewood’s “Oh What a Lovely War.” Directed by Peter Hinton. T.C. gave director Hinton a specific challenge with this selection.

"I don't want a museum piece about how Joan Littlewood did it in the '60s or how a British person might do it now. I want to know how you as a Canadian respond to it, and I want to give it a Canadian, and indeed North American, view of what the war meant to people here."

T.C. began his work with the SHAW Festival in 2016 and is excited to share his vision for Niagara’s world class repertory theatre and walk us through the full line up of productions for 2018.

The “Shaw Festival 2018 Season Preview” premiered on WNED-TV April 6th 2018.

Premiered April 6, 2018

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BONUS SEGMENT: The Craft of Acting

Tim Carroll and Anthony Chase talked about more than we could fit in the television program. Available only online, here’s a bonus segment about how T.C. works with the Shaw actors to hone their craft.