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Giving Back Looking Forward

Advancing Buffalo Toronto Public Media’s Excellence

Campaign Summary

Buffalo Toronto Public Media (BTPM) is a trusted public media source for Western New York and Southern Ontario. Nearly two million households are viewers and listeners of the three television and three radio stations that comprise BTPM. These stations are WNED PBS, WNED PBS KIDS, WNED Create, WNED Classical, WBFO JazzWorks, and WBFO. Buffalo Toronto Public Media is a loyal and active community partner with scores of organizations that also serve the Buffalo/Niagara region.

Buffalo Toronto Public Media delivers content of the highest quality, using its membership in PBS and NPR to broadcast the array of programs our audiences value. The station is a leader among public television stations as a producer of original content, and the NPR station, WBFO is an award-winning radio station that provides in-depth local and national news and information on a 24/7 basis.

Residents of Western New York and Southern Ontario trust the programs on BTPM. This trust stems from a strong confidence in the organization’s leadership. Don Boswell, the president and CEO, has over 40 years’ experience in public broadcasting. In his over 20 years with Buffalo Toronto Public Media, he has been an extraordinary leader, active in PBS national committees and well-known for his service on community boards in Western New York and Southern Ontario. Additionally, our talented production team has created numerous programs which broadcast both locally and nationally, and the classical music radio staff has worked collaboratively with multiple arts and culture organizations throughout the region.

The Giving Back Looking Forward campaign will guarantee the extension of this excellence into the future. The campaign goal is $10.5 million. The breakdown of financial needs is as follows:

New Production and Equipment:

$3.5 million will allow our talented production team to create original programs that spotlight our region(s) and tell the stories of all individuals in this community. It also will provide new equipment and the technology needed to support these endeavors, and allow BTPM to provide innovative programs that will broadcast across all media.

Production & Equipment

Securing the Future:

$3.5 million will help secure the future of BTPM by allowing the organization to continue its partnership with PBS, NPR, and other program distribution entities, and to further enhance the services and technology needs of multi-year award winning NPR station, WBFO. Campaign support in this area also continues BTPM’s mission to open its facility to the community for events, and function as an incubator of ideas and local activities. Lastly, it supports our move toward a new digital age with content delivery on multiple platforms, which include streaming content to smartphones, tablets, through social media, on our websites, and wherever our audiences prefer to watch and listen to the engaging, high quality programs, music, and news that viewers and listeners enjoy.

Securing the Future


$3.5 million will ensure the independence and longevity of BTPM. An increased endowment that is stewarded with prudent management will help secure the organization’s financial future and provide a stable source of income for future leaders. It will bestow a margin of excellence in original programming and ensure independence from political and economic fluctuations that jeopardize the station’s ability to provide high-quality programming.