WNED | WBFO Legacy Giving

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Everyone needs a personal estate plan.

There are many ways to give as you plan for your future and the future of family, friends and your favorite charities and community assets.  We hope you will include WNED|WBFO in those plans.

Since 1959, WNED | WBFO has utilized the essential instrument of public media to enrich and change the lives of our families, friends and neighbors in Western New York and Southern Ontario. This important work has been made possible through the years because of loyal members and supporters like you. You can continue making Western New York and Southern Ontario a better place to live, learn and grow by establishing a planned gift to support the future of public media in our community.

Below you will find a variety of gift planning techniques.  Always consult with your attorney, CPA and/or financial advisor as you select the gift plan most advantageous for you.

Once you inform WNED|WBFO that you have made a bequest or other planned gift, you become a member of The WNED| WBFO Legacy Society.

Legacy Society

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Colleen Miller
Colleen Miller
Director of Leadership and Legacy Giving Programs
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Ways to Give 

Information to help guide your giving.


Bequest:  Promise a legacy gift without affecting your current cash flow by naming The WNED Foundation in your will, living trust, or IRA.
Charitable Remainder Unitrust: Make a large gift, protected by a trust and create a flexible source of retirement income for life.
Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust:  Make a large gift, protected by a trust, and receive a fixed-income payout each year for life.
Testamentary Life Income Gift: Structure a gift within your estate plan and benefit both The WNED Foundation with a legacy and your family with income.
Charitable Lead Trust:  Working with advisors, create a legacy gift that helps pass appreciated assets to family members while contributing cash to WNED | WBFO.
Retained Life Estate:  Make your legacy a donation of a residence while keeping the right to continue living there throughout your lifetime.

Assets You Can Give 

Flexible and convenient assets to give.


Cash:  Maximizes charitable deduction and provides immediate benefit to WNED | WBFO.
Appreciated Securities:  Makes use of the IRS’ tax break on capital gains and puts the appreciated value created to work for WNED | WBFO.
Real Estate:  Can make a substantial gift when residential, commercial, or undeveloped property qualifies for transfer to The WNED Foundation.
Insurance Policies:  Policies that are no longer needed in your family’s future can help secure WNED | WBFO’s.
*Retirement Plans:  IRAs, 401(k) s, and the like, can make a tax-advantaged legacy gift.  Promising the balance to The WNED Foundation may benefit your heirs.

WNED| WBFO Legacy Society

The WNED|WBFO Legacy Society was established to honor friends and members who have planned for WNED|WBFO’s future through a bequest intention or other planned gift.

All legacy gifts are entrusted to the The WNED Foundationand invested and managed professionally.  Each year, the board of trustees of the foundation, appropriates a portion of the investment portfolio’s earnings to WNED|WBFO’s ongoing operations.

Donor Stories | People Making a Difference


Why I Gave: Richard and Roberta Dayer

Roger and Roberta Dayer have valued and supported WNED | WBFO as long as they can remember. They are longtime fans of Masterpiece Theatre and Charlie Rose and when in the car the radio is always tuned to either Classical WNED or WBFO. “WNED | WBFO’s values and our values are very similar,” says Robert. “Promoting education, promoting culture, promoting entertainment—making the quality of life better for all of our citizens.”

Planned giving was something they always wanted to do, and so they made the decision to include a gift for WNED | WBFO in their will.

Why I Gave: Ann Sutton

Ann Sutton is grateful for the intelligent, informative and entertaining programming that WNED | WBFO offers. It has been a staple in her life for decades.  “I support and give to WNED | WBFO in order to receive the programming that gives me so much joy and satisfaction and for them to be able to continue the programming that gave me an opportunity learn, and think and perhaps even laugh sometimes,” says Ann. “Although WNED is based in the United States it has international appeal—there is no border around knowledge.”

She wanted to support institutions that gave her joy and satisfaction throughout her life and so Ann included a gift to WNED | WBFO in her will.

Getting Started

Including WNED | WBFO in your charitable plans is a simple process.

Will or Trust

To name WNED | WBFO as a beneficiary in your will or trust, you will need to include a provision that clearly expresses your charitable intentions.  To make the process easier, we are pleased to share some suggested language for you and your advisor to consider.

By clicking on the links below, you will be able to view and share our suggested bequest language.
Bequest Language

Beneficiary Designations

To name WNED | WBFO as a primary or contingent beneficiary of a financial account and/or a life insurance policy, you will need our legal name, address and tax-identification number.  By clicking on the image below, you will be able to view and share this information.

Beneficiary Designation Information