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The PBS on-demand streaming service, WNED PBS Passport, is available in Canada! Learn More
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a list of WNED PBS and other Buffalo Toronto Public Media television channels?

Check out the Where to Watch Us page.


How can I find out what's on WNED PBS, WNED Create or WNED PBS KIDS?

Visit our TV schedulespage for complete, up-to-date daily listings.


How do I find out if a show will repeat?

Your best bet, if you know the title of the program, is to look it up on the search section of our website. Our website has our most up to date listings. If you don't find the program you are seeking you contact Audience Services. We'll let you know if we are repeating that program.


How do I find a piece of music I heard on WNED Classical?

Search the Playlists.


How can I find a news story I heard on WBFO?

For local stories from our award-winning WBFO news team visit For other stories from NPR programs choose a program from our Radio Schedules page, and then link through to the program’s website for current and archived stories.


Why does the background music in some of your programs overpower the actors speaking?

Many home televisions have relatively low fidelity speakers that accentuate upper mid-range and high frequencies, and dampen the mid-audio range, which is where the human voice generally resides. Most televisions do not provide a wide enough dynamic range to always maintain a distinct separation between music and voices. In contrast, program producers and editors work in studios outfitted with the best, high fidelity sound systems, and they balance the voices and music on their programs based on that high fidelity. Many modern TV sets offer controls that may improve your listening experience if you find the music too loud. For example, switching from “stereo” to “mono,” or disabling the “surround sound” feature can often help dampen the low and high frequencies where the music is, which may then allow you to hear the voices more clearly.


Why do I hear an extra voice describing things that happen on the programs? How do I make it stop?

If you hear an extra voice describing scenes, then you have activated the SAP (Secondary Audio Program) function of your television or digital converter box. The SAP allows broadcaster to transmit additional audio services like DVS (Descriptive Video Service), which makes visual media accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired by providing descriptive narration of key visual elements in programs. On some programs, a Spanish language track is broadcast over the SAP. To turn off the SAP and return to normal broadcast audio, look for a button on your remote control labeled “Audio,” “SAP,” or “MTS,” and cycle through by repeatedly pressing the button until normal audio is restored. In some cases, the SAP is accessed through an on-screen menu. Look for the audio prompt. Once you get there you will usually have options for Mono, Stereo, or SAP. Select stereo, and the normal audio from the program should return. Because each television or digital converter box implements the SAP differently, we recommend referencing your owner’s manual by looking in the index under “SAP” or “Secondary Audio Program” for instructions on how to enable/disable its function.


I’ve always wanted to volunteer my time at Buffalo Toronto Public Media. How do I sign up?

Contact the Volunteer Department at (716) 845-7000 ext. 308, email or complete our Volunteer Registration Form. You can also find a lot of information about volunteering in the Volunteer section of our website.


Where can I get help with a question or issue with my Membership? (Need to update your credit card or banking information, change your email or mailing address, renew, switch to a sustaining membership, or have a question about thank you gifts, WNED Passport, etc.) 

You can reach out to us through our Membership Support Portal anytime or by phone (716)-845-7038 or 1-800-678-1873).  Our business hours at 9am-5pm, Monday thru Friday. Your telephone call may be answered by voice mail during peak business hours. Please leave your name and telephone number, and your call will be returned as soon as possible.


Can I watch programs online?

Many of the programs that you see on WNED PBS are available for a limited period of time at WNED PBS Passport is the member benefit that provides you with extended access to an on-demand library of quality local and national public television programming. With access to tens of thousands of hours of your favorite programs, WNED PBS Passport allows you to watch even more episodes of your favorites, including full seasons of many current and past series. Learn more here.


Can you live stream the television channels?

Yes, you can watch the Live Stream of WNED PBS here. You can stream the WNED PBS KIDS channel here. Note: Due to program rights restrictions the live stream is only available to viewers in the Western New York region.


Can the radio stations be streamed?

You can stream WNED Classical, WBF0 and WBFO The Bridge  by using the Listen Live links on our homepage. Streaming is also available through our mobile apps for WNED PBS, WNED Classical, WBFO and WBFO The Bridge. Download them for free to your smart phone and tablet in the iTunesor Google Playstore today!


I live in Canada, why can't I view all your content on demand?

While over-the-air broadcasts reach beyond US borders into Canada and Mexico, online video is subject to geo-filtering, which restricts the areas that can view PBS content. PBS is legally obligated to ensure each program does not exceed its granted rights, which unfortunately eliminates international streaming ability for some PBS programs in Canada and elsewhere.

We regret not being able to offer all our content online to our supporters.

Many of our WNED PBS Productions do include streaming rights to Canada explore our WNED PBS Productions page or search through the Local Videos on

The PBS on-demand streaming service, Passport, is now available in Canada! That means our Canadian members will be able to stream many of their favorite WNED PBS and PBS shows, such as, Victoria, Finding Your Roots, Nature, NOVA, Antiques Roadshow, and many more – whenever they want! More series and episodes are constantly being added as PBS gains rights in Canada. Learn more about Passport for Canadian Members.