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Buffalo Toronto Public Media presents “Let's Go!”, an original digital-first series guiding young, curious learners through virtual field trips. Come along with host Chrisena, as she explores behind-the-scenes with experts at exciting sites throughout Western New York such as the Burchfield Penney Art Center, The Colored Musicians Club, The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, the Buffalo Museum of Science, and more.

Catch new episodes on the BTPM YouTube channel and on PBS LearningMedia!

Let's Go! brings you VIP access to amazing sites, right here in the WNY region! Watch as host Chrisena peers behind-the-scenes to a vault in an art gallery. See a star projector up-close and the path of the sun in our Planetarium episode; go behind-the-scenes into the "Secret Room" full of specimens and animal dioramas featuring biodiversity at the Buffalo Museum of Science; see how an airport functions day to day, from the tarmac to air traffic control, with special access through our host Chrisena's eyes. Go behind the curtain with actors as they rehearse and discuss their artistic process in our theater episode.


Episode 9 | What can endangered animals teach us about biodiversity? 

Learn about geology, ecosystems, conservation, and more during a one-of-a-kind tour of The Buffalo Museum of Science. Host Chrisena finds out how fossils are formed and why they are valuable sources of information about the past. She studies a mastodon skeleton and discusses the importance of protecting biodiversity.

Episode 8 | The Airport

Go behind the scenes to the fire station and airfield with Host Chrisena in this episode of Let’s Go! at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. See beyond the terminal with the trucks and gear that keep the airport safe and running. Follow Chrisena as she does a fire fighting simulation and gets an up-close look at planes landing and taking off on the airfield. 

Episode 7 | What We Know About How Glass Art and Objects Are Made

Host Chrisena explores thought-provoking art installations like a chandelier blinking in Morse code and a 3D display of global population change. Under the microscope in the lab, she examines the uncertain future of glass. Join us for this reflective journey of a single material - glass. Use the provided teaching tips and vocabulary to deepen students' understanding of the episode. Then, complete one or more of the classroom activities to dig deeper into key themes.

Episode 6 | Where is the Best Place to Explore the Night Sky? Here’s what we know.

Host Chrisena explores the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium. Under its 35-foot diameter dome, she views the constellations, planets, and much more. She learns how the star projector creates a night sky free of light pollution - and how the patterns of the stars have been used for thousands of years as a way for societies to predict weather and seasonal changes; to tell time and navigate travel. 

Episode 5 | Touring the Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park 

Chrisena discovers what life was like aboard the USS Little Rock and USS Croaker at the historic Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park - a family museum. She hosts a behind-the-scenes interview with a Navy Veteran and continues learning about the park's naval heritage.

Episode 4 | Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor | Part 2

Visit the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor in this two-part special! 

Chrisena’s journey continues through the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor in this two-part special. She steps into the Colored Musicians Club and Jazz Museum to learn about its footprint on the world of jazz. She swings by WUFO radio station next door to understand its roots in Buffalo's Black community and to get a sneak peek into how a radio show is made. 

Episode 3 | The WNY History We Should ALL Know About!

Visit the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor in this two-part special! 

Chrisena delights in the artifacts she discovers throughout the Nash House Museum and learns about the community built by this versatile family on her first stop in this episode. Next, she's off to the historic Michigan Street Baptist Church where she asks important questions about freedom seekers, the Underground Railroad, and local Black activists. This is just one of two episodes focused on the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor in Buffalo, NY. 

Episode 2 | The Inclusive Theater of Western NY

Visit a special place - actually it’s a group of people!.... A theater company called The Inclusive Theater of WNY!

Go behind the scenes with Inclusive Theater of WNY, a performing and visual arts company that advances artists of all forms and abilities — including artists with disabilities- from different age groups, sizes, and backgrounds. Visit with these talented performers through their rehearsal process to stage.

Episode 1 | Burchfield Penney Art Center

Discover American painter Charles Burchfield and learn about his artistic process.

With the world’s largest collection of his work, the Burchfield Penney Art Center holds the key to an immense archive of Charles Burchfield’s journal entries, sketches, and doodles spanning 50 years — and these provide a rare look into an artist’s process. We’re getting a personal tour with an expert, a peek of the vault, as well as a look into the current exhibit called “In his Own Words!”


Museum Educator Leads Collage Activity Based on Charles Burchfield's Words!

With the world’s largest collection of his work, the Burchfield Penney Art Center holds the key to an immense archive of Charles Burchfield’s journal entries, sketches, and doodles spanning 50 years. We’re getting a personal activity demo with Museum Educator Michaela Worosz - an all-ages craft project inspired by a quote from Charles Burchfield of your choosing!

Meet Chrisena

Ashleigh “Chrisena” Ricci is incredibly grateful to be exploring WNY as the Host with WNED for 'Let's Go!'. You may have seen her onstage in Buffalo in "Sunset Boulevard" (O'Connell and Company), "Mercy Seat" (ART/WNY) or singing with the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus. Her most recent work includes voicing the character Serolod in the cartoon ‘Mini Beat Power Rockers’ on Amazon, Madame Maigret in ‘Transformers Rescue Bots Academy’ and various characters in ‘Transformers: Cyberverse’ on Netflix and Discovery Family networks. Off-Broadway credits include ‘Come Back Once More So I Can Say Goodbye’, ‘Honestly Abe: The Musical’ and ‘Embodi(ED)’. Favorite Regional credits include Judy in ‘9 to 5’, Squirrel-tooth Alice in ‘The Days of ‘98’, Val in ‘A Chorus Line’ and the Fool in ‘King Lear’. For more, visit Ashleigh's website.

Chrisena Ricci



Let's Go! | Preview

Let’s Go!, an original series from WNED PBS offers adventure to young, curious learners through behind-the-scenes virtual field trips. Come along with our host Chrisena as she interacts with experts and visits exciting sites throughout Western New York. With Chrisena as your guide, Let’s Go! is perfect for educators, kids ages 7-11, their caregivers, and anyone who loves to explore!

This season on Let’s Go!, we will visit:

Episode 1 | Burchfield Penney Art Center: discover American painter Charles Birchfield and learn about his artistic process.

Episode 2 | The Inclusive Theater of WNY with their current play production.

Episode 3| The Nash House & Michigan Street Baptist Church (African American Heritage  Corridor Part 1) with Nash House storyteller and the Anchor President of the Buffalo Niagara Freedom Station Coalition.

Episode 4 | Colored Musicians Club & WUFO Radio Collective (African American Heritage Corridor Part 2) with museum founders and station CEO.

Episode 5 | Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park: aboard submarine and Little Rock ships with historian and veterans.

Episode 6 | Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium (Buffalo State) with an astronomer.

Episode 7 | The Bookmobile! with Buffalo & Erie County Public Library as they work a comic book awareness event serving kids.

Episode 8 | Corning Museum of Glass’s collection and the chemists rushing to preserve artistic and historical glassworks.

Episode 9 | Buffalo Museum of Science: “Secret” floor with specimens.

Episode 10 | Buffalo Niagara International Airport with fire chief.

Let's Go!

Let's Go! on PBS LearningMedia

This series will also be available to educators nationwide on PBS LearningMedia. See our collection link below! Each episode is accompanied by several activities that can be completed in the classroom or at home. Activities are directly related to the field trip site and provide many cross-curricular opportunities. This curriculum was designed with students ages 7-11 in mind but is easily adaptable for those younger and older.

Funding for Let's Go! was provided in part by the New York State Education Department.