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Mekong River with Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins embarks on a life-changing, 3,000-mile journey up the Mekong, South East Asia's greatest river, exploring lives and landscapes on the point of dramatic change. The journey continues with the 4th and finale episode Friday, October 20 at 8pm.

Great Performances

S45 Ep3: She Loves Me - Preview

She Loves Me on Great Performances is the opening act of the PBS Broadway’s Best lineup. Airing Friday, October 20 at 9pm.

New Comedy Series on WNED-TV

Saturday nights at 8pm beginning September 23

Miranda | New Comedy

Socially inept Miranda always gets into awkward situations; working in her joke shop with best friend Stevie, being hounded by her pushy mother, and especially when she's around her crush Gary. Tune in for back to back episodes of the hilarious new comedy series Miranda on Saturday nights at 8pm.

Irish Crime Drama on WNED-TV

Saturdays at 9pm beginning September 23

 Jack Taylor | Trailer

Follow the exploits of tough ex cop Jack Taylor, played brilliantly by renowned Scottish actor Iain Glen (Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones). This week (Oct.21), a pedophile priest returns to Galway-and is beheaded in church while kneeling before the altar. Fearing he's next, another priest asks Taylor for help.


The Durrells In Corfu | Season 2 Trailer

See a preview for the second season of The Durrells in Corfu! Tune in for Episode 3 of Season 2 Sunday, October 22 at 8pm.


Poldark | S3 Ep4 Preview

Ross takes a desperate gamble. Drake joins Ross’s mission after his heart is broken. George jockeys for a triumph in politics. Airing Sunday, October 22 at 9pm.


The Collection | Episode 3 Preview

Paul presents his make-or-break collection of gowns. A rival tries to sabotage Nina’s starring moment. The evidence at Paul’s cottage makes more trouble. Airing Sunday, October 22 at 10pm.


WNED PBS KIDS Channel Family Night

Enjoy family viewing events featuring movie specials of themed programming Friday nights from 7-9pm on the WNED PBS KIDS channel. Join in the fun October 20 for a PBS KIDS Halloween Marathon!
Remember, that you can watch the WNED PBS KIDS channel on your computer, tablet, phone and of course, on television.


Coming Soon to Family Night on the WNED PBS KIDS Channel

October 20:  PBS KIDS Halloween Marathon 

Featuring new Halloween episodes of Splash and Bubbles and Odd Squad!

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Coming in October

The Vietnam War | Episode 5 Preview

(July 1967-December 1967) American casualties and enemy body counts mount as Marines face deadly North Vietnamese ambushes and artillery south of the DMZ and Army units chase an elusive enemy in the central highlands. Hanoi lays plans for a massive surprise offensive, and the Johnson Administration reassures the American public that victory is in sight. Airing Tuesday, October 24 at 9pm.

The Vietnam War

Watch again Tuesdays at 9pm
October 3- November 28


The real space pioneers of the 20th century were the Soviets. This series uses unseen archive footage and compelling interviews to reveal the story of the space race from the other side of the iron curtain. Airing Monday, October 23 at 9pm.


NOVA | S44 Ep16: Killer Volcanoes | Preview

Scientists hunt for a mega-eruption that plunged medieval Earth into a deep freeze. Airing Tuesday, October 25 at 9pm.


Frontline | S36 Ep2: "Putin's Revenge" | Preview

Amid claims he hacked the 2016 election, the inside story of Putin’s conflict with the US. Airing Tuesday, October 25 at 10pm.

800 Words
800 Words Returns for Season 2!
In the Australian comedy-drama 800 WORDS, recently widowed Sydney newspaper columnist George Turner (Erik Thomson) sets out to make a fresh start with his teenage children by moving to the tiny New Zealand town where he vacationed as a child. When the transition proves to be more difficult than he anticipated, George and his grieving family find themselves facing an uncertain future. Season 1 saw the Turners struggling to fit in. Though they’ve become more accepted by the locals, in season 2 there are still plenty of problems for George to face, including finding a real job and, potentially, new love. Season 2 airs Thursdays at 9pm October 5-26.
Tune in each week for two back-to-back episodes.

Season 2 is underway-

Tune in Thursday October 26 at 9pm for the final two episodes from Season 2!

Episode #207
The first anniversary of his wife's death looms large for George, and war breaks out with the in-laws over a final resting place for her ashes. 

Episode #208
George is recruited into the Weld cricket team in a high stakes match and fears a character flaw may reveal itself. Shay gets the blame for Ike staying in Weld, and Arlo gets serious with Emma.
Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways | Preview
In season three of Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys, British host Chris Tarrant sets off on another exciting series of railway adventures in Alaska, Argentine Patagonia, southern Africa, Scandinavia, and more. The series begins Friday, October 27 at 8pm with Ice Train to Nowhere (Alaska).

Live Form Lincoln Center | S42 Ep2: A Taste of "Falsettos"

Meet America's original "modern family" in this musical theater landmark. Airing Friday, October 27 at 9pm.

American Masters

S31 Ep8: Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive | Trailer

See a new side of innovative writer Edgar Allan Poe, best known for Gothic horror tales. Airing Monday, October 30 at 9pm.

Coming in November


Rebecca| Official Trailer

The late mistress of Manderley casts her irresistible spell from beyond the grave. The 2-part series begins Thursday, November 2 at 9pm.

Lake of Betrayal
The story of loss, displacement, hope and survival in the Seneca Nation as the film explores the construction of Kinzua Dam, which flooded Seneca lands on the Allegany Reservation. Completed in 1965, it was originally proposed to help mitigate flooding in Pittsburgh, almost 200 miles downriver, but the 27-mile reservoir that formed behind it inundated vast tracts of the Seneca Indians’ ancestral lands, forcing their removal in breach of the United States’ oldest treaty then in effect. The film looks at the Seneca Nation’s fight to protect its sovereignty against the U.S. government’s Indian termination policy and overwhelming political and economic forces driving the post-WWII boom. Airing Monday, November 6 at 9pm.
Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World

Official Extended Trailer

Martin Luther sparks the movement that reshapes western civilization. Airing Monday, November 13 at 8pm.

A Year in Space

A Year In Space| Trailer

A Year in Space gives viewers a window into astronaut Scott Kelly’s unprecedented mission. Airing Wednesday, November 15 at 8pm.

BEyond in Space

Beyond a Year In Space | Trailer

Rating: TV-PG

Beyond A Year in Space follows Scott Kelly's return to Earth and NASA's Twin Study. Airing Wednesday, November 15 at 9pm.

The Farthest

The Farthest | Trailer

The epic story of NASA’s Voyager mission to the outer planets and into interstellar space. Airing Wednesday, November 15 at 10pm.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years

Official Trailer

The remarkable story of how The Beatles became a global phenomenon. Premiere Saturday, November 25 at 8pm.

Extras/Behind the Scenes from Masterpiece and other Drama Series

MASTERPIECE Fall 2017 Preview

See what's ahead on MASTERPIECE's fall 2017 lineup!


The Durrells In Corfu | Season 2 Preview

See a preview for The Durrells in Corfu, Season 2 premiering Sunday, October 15th, 2017.

Victoria - Masterpiece

Victoria | Season 2 Preview

See a new preview for Victoria, Season 2. Victoria returns with Season 2 in January 2017.