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BTPM Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

To celebrate Latino heritage and culture this September and October, Buffalo Toronto Public Media will offer a special content on-air and online in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

PBS Short Film Festival 2021


Conversations on Muhammad Ali

Join the filmmakers and special guests as they explore Muhammad Ali's life and legacy. The hour-long discussions feature clips from the upcoming four-part series.

Compact Science

New Digital Series 

Compact Science

Compact Science is an engaging new YouTube series from WNED PBS and the Buffalo Museum of Science that explores the wonders of science. Host Sarajane Gomlak Green investigates the geology of Niagara Falls, discovers the chemistry at work in sponge candy, learns how density is the key to lake-effect snow, and more. 

Coming Up This Week on WNED PBS


Muhammad Ali

Round One: The Greatest (1942-1964) | Official Trailer

Boxer Cassius Clay rises up the amateur ranks to win gold at the 1960 Olympics. He turns professional, sharpening his boxing skills and honing his genius for self-promotion. In 1964, he upsets Sonny Liston to become heavyweight champion. Airing Sunday, September 19 at 8 pm.

Buffalo Toronto Public Media

Love Conquers Fear: Lessons in Boxing and Life | Preview

Love Conquers Fear: Lessons in Boxing and Life focuses on a youth program created for the purpose of helping high school students grow and develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Airing Sunday, September 19 at 10:30 pm.


Muhammad Ali

Round Two: What's My Name? (1964-1970) | Official Trailer

Cassius Clay publicly joins the Nation of Islam and takes the name Muhammad Ali. When he refuses induction into the Army, he is stripped of his title and forced into exile. After three years, he returns to the ring, but he's lost a step. Airing Monday, September 20 at 9 pm.

Big Ben: Saving the World's Most Famous Clock | Preview

This film documents the massive restoration of London’s iconic clock tower in progress since 2017. Every step of the repair revealed new discoveries and new challenges, perhaps none more formidable than proceeding under Covid protocols. Airing Monday, September 20 at 10 pm.


Muhammad Ali

Round Three: The Rivalry (1970-1974) | Official Trailer

Muhammad Ali battles his fiercest rival, Joe Frazier, and the U.S. government, as he attempts to regain the heavyweight title. He first loses to and then defeats Frazier, but to become champion again, he will have to beat George Foreman. Airing Tuesday, September 21 at 9 pm.

Buffalo Toronto Public Media

Love Me As I Am | Preview

Straight-talking Australian relationship coach Liz Dore helps six young adults with intellectual disabilities find love and acceptance on their own terms. From awkward first dates to managing a relationship, it's a rollercoaster ride of vulnerability, honesty, and joy. Airing Tuesday, September 21 at 10 pm.


Muhammad Ali

Round Four: The Spell Remains (1974-2016) | Official Trailer

Muhammad Ali shocks the world by defeating George Foreman, winning back the heavyweight title and becoming the most famous man on earth. After retiring in 1981, he travels the world spreading his Islamic faith, and becomes a symbol of peace and hope. Airing Tuesday, September 22 at 8 pm.

Buffalo Toronto Public Media

Animals Reunited | Preview

From dogs to lions, there is a special bond between humans and their pets, and separation is always traumatic. Enjoy reunion tales from around the world supported by wonderful video clips and incredible, heartwarming stories.


Buffalo Toronto Public Media

Escape To The Chateau DIY | Preview

Escape To The Chateau DIY follows the stories of various British families that are renovating châteaux in France, or looking at ones to purchase. It is narrated by Dick Strawbridge (Escape To The Chateau) who, along with his wife Angel Adoree, provides help and advice. Airing Thursday, September 23 at 8 pm.

McLeod's Daughters

Lover Come Back | Season 1, Episode 20 | Preview

When Tess finds an old psychology textbook, she becomes obsessed with "the three levels of why": as in, "Why doesn't Alex bring me flowers?" and "Why are Jodi and Becky at each other's throats?" Airing Thursday, September 23 at 9 pm.

Halifax: Retribution

Episode 4 | Preview

In his most horrific attack yet, the shooter unleashes a spray of bullets on a packed party boat celebrating a 21st birthday. Jane fears the shooter is transitioning from serial killer to mass shooter. Uncovering who wrote the retribution letter hasn’t stopped Zoe blaming Jane for Ben’s death. Airing Thursday, September 23 at 10 pm.


PBS Presents

Ken Burns: The National Parks | Preview

Explore the beauty and grandeur of our nation's magnificent parks, from Acadia to Yosemite, Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon. Filmmakers Burns and Dayton Duncan vividly reveal fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the series. Airing Friday, September 24 at 8:07 pm.

Buffalo Toronto Public Media

Aging Backwards 3 with Miranda Esmonde-White

Did you know that you actually have a choice in how you age, and whether you remain mobile, healthy and pain-free throughout your life? In the pledge special AGING BACKWARDS 3, former ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White uses groundbreaking science to develop a practical six-point plan anyone can use to keep their minds sharp and their bodies active using gentle daily movement. Airing Friday, September 24 at 10 pm.


The Indian Doctor

The Van | Preview

When a rather unusual van arrives in the village, the driver, a well-known rugby player, creates a real stir and it looks like the doctor's luck is changing for the better. However, Richard Sharpe, the mine manager, is furious and does his best to turn the locals against the doctor and his X-ray van - although his wife, Sylvia Sharpe, is rather taken with the new driver. Meanwhile, Gina gets some shocking news and the crucial green leather diary belonging to Dr. Elwyn goes missing. Airing Saturday, September 25 at 8 pm.

Inspector Morse

Absolute Conviction | Preview

A convicted fraudster, one of three former business partners at an open prison, dies following an assault. Morse has to investigate the death while dealing with a brash subordinate and trying to avoid offending the prison authorities. Airing Saturday, September 25 at 9 pm.


PBS Kids Channel Family Night | On the WNED PBS KIDS Channel

Enjoy family viewing events featuring movie specials of themed programming Friday nights from 7-9pm on the WNED PBS KIDS channel. Remember that you can watch WNED PBS KIDS on your computer, tablet, phone and of course, on television.