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Season 2, Ep 5 | Preview

Ross does Elizabeth a favor. A mysterious benefactor reciprocates. The search is on for Mark, who knows where secret riches lie. George starts Plan C against Ross. Airing Sunday, July 15 at 8 pm.


Season 5, Ep 4 | Preview

A photoshoot on an army base turns sinister when a model is found dead. As Endeavour and Strange take the lead on the investiga-tion, their differing opinions push their friendship to breaking point. Then another body is found on the base. Airing Sunday, July 15 at 9 pm.


Brimstone & Glory | Trailer

A plunge into the fire of Tultepec, Mexico, the site of the National Pyrotechnic Festival. Airing Sunday, July 8 at 10:30pm.


Antiques Roadshow

Vintage Chicago | Preview

ROADSHOW's second visit to the Second City uncovers first-rate finds such as a 1908 Chicago Cubs presentation piece, a Tiffany & Co. gold necklace, and a 1904 Henry Woods oil. Which have soared and which have sunk in the marketplace since 2003? Airing Sunday, July 16 at 8 pm.

The Vietnam War

This Is What We Do | Preview

Enemy body counts and American casualties mount as GIs chase an elusive foe and face deadly ambushes and artillery. While Hanoi lays plans for a massive surprise offensive, the Johnson Administration reassures the public that victory is in sight. Airing Monday, July 16 at 9 pm.


10 That Changed America

10 Monuments That Changed America

Tour wholly original American monuments and explore surprising stories behind American favorites. Examine the battles over how to remember our past, from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to the controversial Confederate soldier monuments. Airing Tuesday, July 17 at 8 pm.

No Passport Required

Preview: New Orleans

Chef Marcus Samuelsson discovers how Vietnamese cuisine and culture have influenced the city in delicious ways. From pho to banh mi, he learns how young chefs are taking culinary traditions and translating them for a new, multicultural generation. Airing Tuesday, July 17 at 9 pm.


"Blackout in Puerto Rico" - Preview

Investigate the humanitarian and economic crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. With NPR, the film examines how the federal response, Wall Street, and years of neglect have left the island struggling to survive. Airing Tuesday, July 17 at 10 pm.


Earth's Natural Wonders

Episode 2 Preview | Surviving with Animals

Learn why wildlife holds the key to survival for the people who live in some of the world's most extraordinary natural wonders, such as northern Australia, northern Siberia and Vanuatu. But animals can be foes as well as friends. Airing Wednesday, July 18 at 8 pm.

Kingdoms of the Sky

Episode 2 Preview | Himalayas

Witness the extraordinary wildlife and remarkable people of Earth's highest mountain range, where Tibetan monks perform ancient rituals, snow leopards prowl the mountainsides and bizarre snub-nosed monkeys survive in frozen forests. Airing Wednesday, July 18 at 9 pm.


Treasures of the Earth: Metals Preview

Gold, bronze, iron, steel... metals are pillars of our civilization, but what makes them so special? Discover their unique properties and explore how our mastery of metals has led us from the stone age to today's hi-tech world. Airing Wednesday, July 18 at 10 pm.


Agatha Christie's Partners In Crime

N Or M? | Ep 4 | Preview

There’s a leak on the Third Floor, and Tommy is the only man Major Carter can trust. Carter sends him on a mission so secret he can’t even tell Tuppence: find a missing British scientist, a nuclear bomb, and a Soviet spy code-named N…or is it M? Tommy goes in search of the kidnapper, but Tuppence is two steps ahead of him. Airing Thursday, July 19 at 8:01 pm.

Jack Taylor

The Magdalen Martyrs | Preview

The Magdalen Martyrs: Taylor is hired to look into past abuses at the infamous Magdalen laundries, the city's home for "wayward girls." The daughter of a former inmate wants him to track down a woman called "Lucifer," a particularly brutal nun who worked there. Airing Thursday, July 19 at 9 pm.


WNED-TV Documentaries

The Canadian Rockies by Rail | Preview

Travel through some of North America’s most stunning wilderness scenery. Airing Friday, July 13 at 8pm.

The Great British Baking Show


For their Signature challenge, the bakers go all out with two types of sponge puddings. In the Technical, they face Queen of Pudding, a recipe direct from the archives of Mary Berry. A Showstopper strudel stretches them to their limits. Airing Friday, July 20 at 9 pm.

Food Flirts

Pretzel Meets Chocolate | What Is A Food Incubator?

Find out what Bavarian pretzels, stone-ground Mexican chocolate and French brioche have in common. Join the Food Flirts as they discover each and create a spectacular chocolate pretzel brioche bread pudding with raspberry whipped cream. Airing Friday, July 20 at starting at 9 pm.


800 WORDS | Ep 208 | Preview

George is recruited into the Weld cricket team in a high stakes match and fears a character flaw may reveal itself. Shay gets the blame for Ike staying in Weld and Arlo gets serious with Emma. Airing Saturday, July 21 at 8:01 pm.

Murder In Suburbia | Ep 205, Dogs | Preview

Ashurst and Scribbins investigate when popular dog lover and volunteer walker Christine Archer is killed in the woods where she is walking several dogs. It is soon discovered that Christine was giving evidence is a case of cruelty towards animals, a fact which Ash is sure forms the motive for murder. Airing Saturday, July 21 at 9 pm.

Murder In Suburbia | Ep 206, The Great Oldies | Preview

Ashurst and Scribbins investigate when a singer who had a string of hits in the fifties is found dead after being drowned in the bath at a residential home. JJ had many enemies but also many friends, but it soon becomes difficult to work out who is on what side. Airing Saturday, July 21 at 9:50 pm.


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