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You’re invited to WNED ’s inaugural fundraising culinary dinner experience featuring a delicious menu and stories from Celebrity Chef Jack Bishop from America's Test Kitchen.

Let's Talk: Free Community Event on Mental Health
Burlington, Feb. 1 & 2 | Buffalo, Feb. 8 & 9

WNED Kid Fest

Children and parents can enjoy meet-and-greets with beloved PBS KIDS characters, as well as an assortment of activities, prizes, and more.

Coming Up This Week on WNED-TV
Howards End

Official Preview

A passionate misunderstanding, a surprise visit and a stolen umbrella set into motion a series of events that unexpectedly intertwine the lives of the Schlegels, the Wilcoxes and the Basts. Airing Sunday, January 12 at 8 pm.


Episodes 1 & 2 | Preview

A coach accident brings Charlotte to Sanditon, where she meets Tom and Sidney Parker. Lady Denham hosts a pineapple party for West Indian heiress Miss Lambe. Edward's relatives complicate matters. Charlotte and Sidney have an awkward encounter. Airing Sunday, January 12 at 9 pm.

Antiques Roadshow

Winterthur Museum | Hour 2

Discover Delaware treasures appraised at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library such as Stephen King first editions from 1974-1977, an Ilya Schor silver plate and a Louis Comfort Tiffany oil, ca. 1870. Which is valued at $100,000-$150,000? Airing Monday, January 13 at 8 pm.


"America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump" - Preview

An investigation into America's increasingly bitter, divided and toxic politics. Episode One traces how Barack Obama's promise of unity collapsed as increasing racial, cultural and political divisions laid the groundwork for the rise of Donald Trump. Airing Monday, January 13 at 9 pm.

Finding Your Roots

This Land Is My Land Preview

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. reveals the unexpected family trees of entertainer Queen Latifah and actor Jeffrey Wright, redefining their sense of the black experience -- and challenging preconceptions about America's past. Airing Tuesday, January 14 at 8 pm.


"America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump" - Preview

An investigation into America's increasingly bitter, divided and toxic politics. Episode Two examines how Donald Trump's campaign exploited the country's divisions and how his presidency has unleashed anger on both sides of the divide. Airing Tuesday, January 14 at 9 pm.


Hippos: Africa's River Giants - Preview

Go beneath the surface and meet Africa's river giants, the hippos. Discover an unexpected side of these aquatic mammals that can't even swim as hippos protect their families, face their enemies and suffer in a drought. Narrated by David Attenborough. Airing Wednesday, January 15 at 8 pm.


The Planets: Jupiter Preview

Jupiter's massive gravitational force made it a wrecking ball when it barreled through the early solar system. But it also shaped life on Earth, delivering comets laden with water - and perhaps even the fateful asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Airing Wednesday, January 15 at 9 pm.

Episode 1 Preview | Oman - Desert Canyon

Follow Steve Backshall to Oman, where he plans to drop nearly 400 meters into the deepest canyon in Southern Arabia. In the scorching desert heat, Steve and his team will explore an area where no human has ever set foot. Airing Wednesday, January 15 at 10 pm.

Agatha Christie's Poirot Season 12

Three Act Tragedy | Preview

When a vicar chokes to death on a cocktail while attending a party held by actor Sir Charles Cartwright, Poirot initially dismisses the idea of murder but reconsiders when another guest dies in the same manner. Airing Thursday, January 16 at 8 pm.

The Child in Time


A moment of distraction triggers a crisis in the lives of a happy, successful British couple in Ian McEwan's haunting tale of a lost child and redeemed love, starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire). Airing Thursday, January 16 at 9:31 pm.

Great Indian Railway Journeys

Mysuru to Chennai

Michael Portillo's Bradshaw's 1913 Handbook of Indian, Foreign and Colonial Travel leads his railway journey through the modern south Indian states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, from the former princely state of Mysore, to the first stronghold of the East India Company in Chennai, formerly Madras. Airing Friday, January 17 at 8 pm.

PBS Presents

John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind

Join John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful in a special featuring the greatest singers and songwriters of the classic 50s & 60s folk era, with historic footage and new performances. Airing Friday, January 17 at 9 pm.

Escape to the Chateau

In The Attic

Angel plans a stunning attic studio. She and Dorothy go on a mother-daughter trip to Paris and Dick's busy in the outbuildings. There's a surprise birthday event - with popcorn. Airing Saturday, January 18 at 8 pm.

Midsomer Murders

Master Class | Ep. 1309 & 1310 | Back to Back

The rural countryside of a fictional county in England provides the backdrop for this long-running crime series based on the novels of Caroline Graham. A lush visual style, quirky characters and ubiquitous red herrings recall classic public television British mysteries of the past. Airing Saturday, January 18 at 9 pm.


PBS Kids Channel Family Night | On the WNED PBS KIDS Channel

Enjoy family viewing events featuring movie specials of themed programming Friday nights from 7-9pm on the WNED PBS KIDS channel. Remember that you can watch WNED PBS KIDS on your computer, tablet, phone and of course, on television.