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Call the Midwife

Season 9 Episode 2 | Preview

Fred and Sister Monica Joan catch a woman stealing the team's milk. When they learn she's pregnant, they bring her into the care of the maternity home. Romance blooms between Miss Higgins and Sergeant Woolf. Airing Sunday, April 5 at 8 pm.

World on Fire

Official Preview

When war breaks out, young translator Harry vows to help his Polish lover Kasia flee Warsaw, but how will he explain this to his sweetheart Lois, waiting for him at home in Manchester? Airing Sunday, April 5 at 9 pm.

The Windermere Children

The Windermere Children | Preview

Child survivors of the Holocaust are brought to an estate near England's Lake Windermere to recuperate with the help of volunteer therapists. Without their families, they find kinship in each other and form bonds that give them hope for the future. Airing Sunday, April 5 at 10 pm.

Antiques Roadshow

Treasure Fever | Preview

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW explores artifacts and artistry with health and medicine history across generations including a Lakota Sioux doctor's bag, a Civil War medical officer's sword and a Fern Isabel Coppedge oil. Airing Monday, April 6 at 8 pm.

Phil Spencer's Stately Homes

Castle Howard | Episode 2

Property guru Phil Spencer offers grand tour of the UK's most extravagant stately homes. This deluxe property series sees Phil uncover the human stories behind four of Britain's finest country homes, and the staggering amount of money and effort needed to maintain them. Airing Monday, April 6 at 9 pm.

Discovering Britain

Maureen Lipman, Larry Lamb and Michael Buerk are joined by former Doctor Who, Peter Davison, and television presenter Janet Ellis, as they travel across Britain exploring an enduring fondness for heritage, history and tradition. Maureen and Larry are in Dover discovering its rich military past and key strategic position in defending the British mainland. Airing Monday, April 6 at 10 pm.

The Gene

An Intimate History | Preview

A fascinating history of the human genome weaves together science and personal stories. Patients with rare genetic diseases and their doctors seek to discover cures, often in a race against time. Airing Tuesday, April 7 at 8 pm.


"China Undercover" | Preview

A special undercover report from China's secretive Xinjiang region. Investigating the Communist regime's mass imprisonment of Muslims, and its use and testing of sophisticated surveillance technology against the population. Airing Tuesday, April 7 at 10 pm.


Remarkable Rabbits | Preview

There are more than 100 domestic and wild kinds of rabbits and hares, from snowshoe hares to Flemish giants. Despite their remarkable ability to reproduce, many wild rabbits are in danger of being eradicated. Airing Wednesday, April 8 at 8 pm.


The Truth About Fat | Preview

Scientists are coming to understand fat as a system akin to an organ -- one whose size may have more to do with biological processes than personal choices. Explore the mysteries of fat and its role in hormone production, hunger and even pregnancy. Airing Wednesday, April 8 at 9 pm.

Earth's Sacred Wonders

Episode 3 Preview | Visions of the Divine

Follow a young Yazidi woman as she searches for salvation in Iraq. Meet an orthodox Christian who must deliver a holy flame into the hands of his bishop in Jerusalem. In Nepal, a Buddhist painter battles the elements to honor Buddha's birthday. Airing Wednesday, April 8 at 10 pm.

The Miniaturist

Episode 2 | Preview

Johannes is on trial for his life. Marin also faces a life-or-death struggle. Nella takes charge of the sugar stockpile and the household. Airing Thursday, April 9 at 8:01 pm.

Inspector Morse

Who Killed Harry Field

Struggling artist Harry Field is found murdered and thrown off an overpass but recent rains and a dry body lead Morse to conclude he was killed over a week earlier. Airing Thursday, April 9 at 9 pm.


Martin Clunes' Islands of America | 103 | Preview

Puerto Rico, Georgia, North Carolina, & Virginia: Martin enjoys salsa dancing lessons and rum tasting in Puerto Rico before heading to the Sea Islands off the coast of Georgia, where the inhabitants attempt to preserve the traditional practices of African slaves. On the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Martin learns about the mysterious lost colony of Roanoke. Airing Friday, April 10 at 8:01 pm.

Rick Steves European Easter

Taking you on a spring journey through Spain, Slovenia, Italy, and Greece, Rick Steves' European Easter celebrates this 2,000-year-old story in a variety of cultures. You'll feel the emotion of this special time as the Passion of Christ unfolds during Holy Week. He joins Andalusians carrying parade floats. Airing Friday, April 10 at 9 pm.

Father Brown

The Celestial Choir

The Kembleford Choristers, this year run by Mrs McCarthy, reach the final of the Three Counties Choir Competition 1953 at Worcester Cathedral. Mrs McCarthy arranges a coach to take the choristers that include Sergeant Goodfellow and Lady Felicia together with Inspector Mallory who's daughter is singing in a junior competition and Father Brown. Airing Saturday, April 11 at 8 pm.


Episode 3 | Preview

As Gina takes charge of the struggling Penrose Hotel and stages a wedding, Sam receives a visit from a detective inspector who accuses Leo of fraud. Teresa and Michael talk about their relationship. Airing Saturday, April 11 at 9 pm.

Agatha Raisin

Episode 2 | Hell's Bells

A rich newcomer to the village, Amanda Ballard, has found little favor among the Carsely locals. And when her body is found hanging from the bell ropes of the church in an apparent suicide, Agatha suspects foul play. Airing Saturday, April 11 at 10 pm.


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