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Fri, June 24-Sun, June 26


If you've been enjoying our virtual Bob Ross paint nights with Lauren Pantos, then we have great news for you! Pantos will be hosting three in-person classes at our studio in downtown Buffalo!

Black History Month

Kleinhans’ Gift to Buffalo | Streaming Now

Learn the story of how a generous gift from Ed and Mary Kleinhans, whose love of music, Buffalo, and each other, led to the building of a world-class concert hall. Hear from historians, musicians, architectural scholars, and community members who have connections to the building. Learn about the design, the architect, and how this concert hall and civic auditorium has become a community asset where family is celebrated and memories are made.  

Buffalo Toronto Public Media | Mental Health Awareness Month 

Mental Health Awareness Month

May – National Mental Health Awareness Month – is dedicated to providing the public with educational and support resources they can use to better understand mental illness, find support or seek help.  Buffalo Toronto Public Media understands that mental health is a key part of your day-to-day life and we want to take a deeper dive into mental health awareness and provide programs and resources. 

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Lucy Worsley Investigates

Princes in the Tower | Preview

What really happened to the Princes in the Tower? Lucy Worsley uncovers the story of the two boys whose disappearance in 1483 has led to centuries of mystery and speculation. Airing Sunday, May 15 at 8 pm.

Ridley Road

Episode 3 | Preview

Vivien's link to Jordan is complicated by the arrival of his wife. The police rebuff warnings from the 62 Group, who must act on their own. Airing Sunday, May 15 at 9 pm.

Very British Murder

Detection Most Ingenious | Preview

In the final part of A Very British Murder, Lucy Worsley arrives in the Edwardian era and the Golden Age of Detective Fiction between the Wars. She tells the extraordinary story of the first celebrity murderer of the twentieth century Dr Crippen. Then investigates how after the First World War, the Murder Mystery Novel reached a peak of popularity in the hands of Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers.  Airing Monday, May 15 at 10 pm. 


Buffalo Toronto Public Media

Antiques Roadshow | Colonial Williamsburg Hour 2 | Preview

Discover more standout treasures from ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's visit to Colonial Williamsburg. Airing Monday, May 16 at 8 pm.

Mysteries of Mental Illness

The Rise and Fall of the Asylum | Preview

Follow the rise and fall of mental asylums in the United States. Visit the nation's largest de-facto mental health facility, meet the detainees whose lives hang in the balance, and discover the harsh realities of care both inside and outside. Airing Monday, May 16 at 9 pm.

Mysteries of Mental Illness

New Frontiers | Preview

Look at today's most cutting-edge treatments, based on the latest understanding of mental illness, with profiles of patients undergoing deep brain stimulation surgery, infusions of ketamine and modern electro-convulsive therapy. Airing Monday, May 16 at 10 pm.


Finding Your Roots

Freedom Tales | Preview

Host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. delves deep into the roots of two African American guests, actor S. Epatha Merkerson and athlete and television personality Michael Strahan. Both discover unexpected stories that challenge assumptions about black history. Airing Tuesday, May 17 at 8 pm.

Gershwin Prize

Lionel Richie: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize Teaser | Preview

The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, a PBS music special, honors singer-songwriter Lionel Richie, as he receives the distinguished honor from the Library of Congress. Airing Tuesday, May 17 at 9 pm.

American Masters

Tyrus | Trailer

Discover the art, life and enduring impact of Tyrus Wong, the renowned Chinese-American painter behind Bambi and Rebel Without a Cause, via new and never-before-seen interviews, movie clips and art. Wong once exhibited with Picasso and Matisse. Airing Tuesday, May 17 at 10 pm.



Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas | Preview

Roam the Wild West frontier land of the Rio Grande's Big Bend alongside its iconic animals, including black bears, rattlesnakes and scorpions. Airing Wednesday, May 18 at 8 pm.


Why Ships Crash | Preview

When the colossal Ever Given container ship crashed into the bank of the Suez Canal in March 2021, international supply chains ground to a halt. How could such a disaster happen? And can the investigation help prevent future accidents? Airing Wednesday, May 18 at 9 pm.

Colombia - Wild and Free

Two Rivers | Preview

Explore the magnificent eastern region of Colombia, a land defined by two powerful rivers: the Orinoco and the Amazon. Along the way, meet amazing wildlife, including jaguars, capybaras, anacondas, and pygmy marmosets, the world's smallest monkeys. Airing Wednesday, May 18 at 10 pm.


Death In Paradise | S. 11 Ep. 6 | Preview

When a woman reports a murder and is then found strangled, the team are left wondering whether she was reporting her own murder. Airing Thursday, May 19 at 8 pm.

Inspector Morse 

The Remorseful Day | Preview

Inspector Morse embodies cultured, upper-middle-class Britishness, and enjoys the finer things in life - good beer, vintage cars, fine opera. He and his trusty companion, Detective Sergeant Lewis, solve the crimes that plague the environs of University of Oxford. Although he's a brilliant detective, Morse is not infallible - and he's often pretty grumpy to boot. But he and Lewis tend to make sure the bad guys pay for their crimes. Airing Thursday, May 19 at 9 pm.


Scotland's Scenic Railways | Preview

This mini-series travels the length and breadth of Scotland’s dramatic landscapes to meet the train crews, the engineers and the volunteers who keep the modern and classic steam railways running. The episode follows in Harry Potter's footsteps as we board The Jacobite steam train across the magnificent Glenfinnan Viaduct in the company of mother and son, Florence and Lewis McLean. They serve as the Guard and Fireman on The Jacobite. Airing Friday, May 20 at 8 pm. 

Great Performances: Merry Wives Preview

Experience Shakespeare's comedic masterpiece from the Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park set in South Harlem telling the story of the trickster Falstaff and the wily wives who outwit him in a celebration of Black joy, laughter and vitality. Airing Friday, May 20 at 9 pm. 


Father Brown

The Wayward Girls | Preview

Bunty, facing a speeding fine issued by Sergeant Goodfellow, agrees to give a talk at Langley Hall, a Borstal for girls of ages 16-23 years. Bunty's compact is stolen, and found in the possession of one of the girls, Brenda, who is placed in solitary confinement. The governor of the Borstal is found murdered, and Brenda is on the run after hiding in Bunty's car. Father Brown and Bunty return to the Borstal to help Sergeant Goodfellow's investigation; Inspector Mallory is on annual leave. Airing Saturday, May 21 at 8 pm.

Agatha Christie's: Poirot

Dumb Witness | Preview

The famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, puts his skills to work as he travels the world solving difficult crimes. He relies on his trusty sidekicks, and a limited amount of clues, to get the job done. Airing Saturday, May 21 at 9 pm.


PBS Kids Channel Family Night | On the WNED PBS KIDS Channel

Enjoy family viewing events featuring movie specials of themed programming Friday nights from 7-9pm on the WNED PBS KIDS channel. Remember that you can watch WNED PBS KIDS on your computer, tablet, phone and of course, on television.