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Black Work | Four Back to Back Episodes

Police Constable Jo Gillespie (Sheridan Smith, The C Word, Accused) is devastated when her detective husband, Ryan, is shot dead in an abandoned warehouse. But her grief gives way to shock when she learns that Ryan was working undercover at the time of his murder. Jo struggles to remain strong for her family as she questions whether she ever really knew her husband. Airing Sunday August 13 at 8 pm


Antiques Roadshow

S17 Ep10: Appraisal: 1963 Mickey Mantle Game Used Bat

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a look at vintage electric signs. Other highlights include a baseball bat used by Mickey Mantle and art pottery from Cincinnati's very own Rookwood Pottery. Airing Monday, August 14 at 8 pm.

Canada 150 | Two Great Shows

The Royal Journey
A documentary account of the five-week visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to Canada and the United States in the fall of 1951. Monday at 9 pm.

Followed by the Underground Railroad: The William Still Story at 10 pm.

Underground Railroad: The William Still Story

This program tells the story of William Still, one of the most important yet unheralded individuals of the Underground Railroad. The film details the accounts of black abolitionists, who had everything at stake as they helped fugitives follow the North Star to Canada. Airing Monday, August 14 at 10 pm.


Joan of Arc: God's Warrior

In an era when women weren't even allowed on the battlefield, Joan of Arc's faith drove her transformation from an ordinary peasant girl into a legendary female warrior and historical icon. In JOAN OF ARC: GOD'S WARRIOR, historian Dr. Helen Castor (She-Wolves: England's Early Queens; Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage and Death) utilizes an original court manuscript from Joan's trial to separate fact from fiction and uncover the true story of her life. Airing Tuesday, August 15 at 8 pm.

Battle of Jutland: The Navy's Bloodiest Day

Historian Dan Snow leads a team of experts to try to uncover the factors that made The Battle of Jutland the British Navy's bloodiest day. A century after the battle, they examine ship design, tactics, and the technology of the day, seeking to better understand what happened, and to commemorate the sacrifice of those many thousands who died in 1916 during the world's biggest sea battle. Airing Tuesday, August 15 at 9 pm.

"Terror in Little Saigon" - Preview

Rating: NR

Searching for the assassins behind a reign of terror that targeted Vietnamese-American journalists. FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate a series of unsolved murders and attacks, uncovering a trail from American cities to jungles in Southeast Asia. Airing Tuesday, August 15 at 10 pm.


India - Nature's Wonderland

Next on Episode 2

Continue exploring India and meet a man who spent 30 years planting his own rainforest. On the way, encounter demoiselle cranes, tahr goats, one-horned rhinos, the tiny pika and lion-tailed macaques. Witness the mass hatching of olive ridley turtles. Airing Wednesday, August 16 at 8 pm.


Emperor's Ghost Army Preview

In central China, a vast underground mausoleum conceals a life-size terracotta army of cavalry, infantry, horses, chariots, weapons, administrators, acrobats, and musicians, all built to serve China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang Di, in the afterlife. Airing Wednesday, August 16 at 9 pm.

Secrets of the Dead

The Real Trojan Horse: Preview

Discover new archeological evidence that suggests Troy and the Trojan War may be more than myth. If the legendary siege did happen, was there really a wooden horse that brought enemy soldiers inside the fortified city? Airing Wednesday, August 10 at 9 pm.


Father Brown | The Lepidopterist's Companion

As Father Brown (Mark Williams) approaches Kembleford's mobile library, Ada (Holly Bodimeade) emerges to ask for help. Margaret (Elizabeth Berrington) lies under a pile of books, pinned beneath a metal shelving unit. Father Brown is relieved to find that she's still alive. Airing Thursday, August 17 at 9 pm.

Poldark - Masterpiece

S2 Ep8: Preview

Demelza and Ross wage bitter war. Elizabeth postpones a big event. Demelza toys with temptation. Ross's good deed is repaid. Lady luck pays a visit. Airing Thursday, August 17 at 9 pm.

Poldark - Masterpiece

S2 Ep9: Finale Preview

An enraged mob threatens George and Elizabeth. Ross and Demelza confront their demons. Airing Thursday, August 17 at 10 pm.


Preview | Episode 6: Los Angeles

Tag along as Phil invites his LA friends, like Martin Short and Allison Janney, to his favorite spots around the city, including LA's oldest farmers' market. A taco truck crawl and visits to special kitchens and bakeries complete the tour. Airing Saturday, August 18 at 8 pm.

Great Performances

Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2017

Rating: NR

Enjoy the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic's annual open-air concert from Austria's Imperial Schonbrunn Palace. Featured are guest conductor Christoph Eschenbach with superstar soprano Renee Fleming as special guest soloist. Airing Saturday, August 18 at 9 pm.


Arthur & George - Masterpiece


Asked to clear a man convicted of animal mutilation, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finds there's more to the case than meets the eye. Airing Saturday, August 19 at 8 pm.


The Coroner | Two Back to Back Episodes

The Deep Freeze
Airing Saturday, August 19 at 9 pm.

Dirty Dancing 
Airing Saturday, August 19 at 9:45 pm. 

Rev. - Winner of the WNED British Comedy Vote

A Fine Bromance
Airing Saturday, August 19 at 10:30 pm.


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