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Last Tango in Halifax

Last Tango in Halifax Preview

Seven years into their marriage, Alan and Celia don't see eye to eye. Alan's brother, Ted, plans to visit from New Zealand. Tempers get frayed when money becomes the topic of conversation at Caroline and Gillian's birthday celebration. Airing Sunday, September 20 at 8 pm.

Van der Valk

Only In Amsterdam | Preview

A Muslim worker at an addiction clinic is found dead with a symbolic stab wound. Evidence connects her to a rare books library and a Catholic nun. As investigators dig deeper, they enter a world of mysticism, alchemy and the occult. Airing Sunday, September 20 at 9 pm.


Antiques Roadshow

Celebrating Latino Heritage

Discover amazing items with connections to Latin American history and culture, including a treasure with an updated appraisal of as much as $2.2 million, now the highest-valued items in the entire "Roadshow" archive. Airing Monday, September 21 at 8 pm.

Suze Orman's Ultimate Retirement Guide

Join the acclaimed personal finance expert for essential advice on planning for and thriving in retirement. With empathy, straight talk and humor, Suze provides information about key steps for anyone trying to achieve their "ultimate retirement." Airing Monday, September 21 at 8 pm.



Trailer | The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo

The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo is an innovative look into the life of radical Chicano lawyer, author, and countercultural icon, Oscar Zeta Acosta - best known for his volatile friendship with legendary journalist-provocateur, Hunter S. Thompson. Airing Tuesday, September 22 at 8 pm.


"The Choice 2020: Trump v. Biden" | Preview

Investigating the lives and characters of Joe Biden and Donald Trump as they compete to be president. Those who know them best reveal key moments that made both men and shape how they would lead America through a time of crisis. Airing Tuesday, September 22 at 9 pm.


Islands of Wonder

Borneo | Episode 2 | Preview

A journey from Borneo's rich coral reefs, through lush jungles, to its mountainous heart, reveals it is no paradise, and the struggles to survive are the secret to a greater variety of life than found on than almost any other island. Airing Wednesday, September 23 at 8 pm.


A to Z: The First Alphabet | Preview

Writing shaped civilization itself, from the trading of goods to tales of ancient goddesses and kings. Follow the evolution of the written word, from millennia-old carvings in an Egyptian turquoise mine to our modern-day alphabets. Airing Wednesday, September 23 at 9 pm.

Hacking Your Mind

Us Vs. Them | Preview

Discover how the auto-pilot biases we all experience fuel our nation's divisions, see how authoritarians can hack them and find out how to overcome them. Airing Wednesday, September 23 at 10 pm.



The Wedding Season | Preview

As the wedding season comes to the chateau, Dick and Angel's lives are about to get a whole lot busier. Then there's the barn, the van and the lime trees, as tensions start to rise. Airing Thursday, September 24 at 8:01 pm.

Buffalo Toronto Public Media

Midsomer Murders | Dark Secrets Pts. 1 & 2 | Preview

The reclusive lives of elderly eccentrics William and Mary Bingham (Edward Fox and Phyllida Law) come under police scrutiny when a social services investigator is murdered. Barnaby and Jones must unearth generations of family secrets and decipher astronomical charts to find the killer. Airing Thursday, September 24 at 9 pm.


Real Rail Adventures: Switzerland

REAL RAIL ADVENTURES: SWITZERLAND showcases the construction marvels and visual splendors of the Swiss rail system, where majesty and machine meet. From world-class mainlines and stunning scenic routes to pioneering steam locomotives and historic cog trains, REAL RAIL ADVENTURES celebrates the triumphs of Swiss engineering and ingenuity. Airing Friday, September 25 at 8 pm.

Members Choice

Airing Friday, September 18 at 8 pm.


Agatha Christie's: Poirot

The Big Four

As the threat of world war looms large, Poirot seeks the help of friends both old and new when he is pitted against a dangerous group of dissidents responsible for a series of violent murders. Airing Saturday, September 26 at 8 pm.

British Antiques Roadshow

Hanbury 2

The series travels around the country staging a free antiques valuation day for people to attend with treasured objects and family heirlooms; the most interesting are selected for filming by a team of specialists considered the best in their field. Airing Saturday, September 26 at 9:30 pm.


Episode 2 | Preview

Lili and The Kid narrowly escape being arrested by the Gestapo and discover there's a traitor in their midst. Lili undertakes another dangerous mission, but her triumph is short-lived when Boris, their leader, is arrested by the Germans. Airing Saturday, September 26 at 10 pm.


PBS Kids Channel Family Night | On the WNED PBS KIDS Channel

Enjoy family viewing events featuring movie specials of themed programming Friday nights from 7-9pm on the WNED PBS KIDS channel. Remember that you can watch WNED PBS KIDS on your computer, tablet, phone and of course, on television.