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PBS is the original home to cooking on TV. And still the best.

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PBS FOOD unites cooking shows, blogs and recipes from all your PBS favorites including Julia Child, Jose Andres, Martha Stewart, Jaques Pepin and Lidia Bastianich. 

Find recipes from all your favorite PBS cooking shows, explore award-winning blogs and watch videos. 


Independent Lens

SEED: The Untold Story |Trailer

WAtch a preview for SEED: The Untold Story  from Independent Lens. Airing Sunday, April 23 at 11pm.

PBS Food

The Slow Cooker, A Favorite Kitchen Helper

PBS Food has several slow cooker recipes to really bring out the flavor in your recipes.

A Year in Space

Space Food

Making dinner in space can be tricky- everything floats in this world of zero gravity!

PBS Food

Create an Easy Cream of Mushroom Soup

Satisfy a craving for warm, rich food with this easy-to-make recipe.

PBS Food

How to Make an Avocado Rose

Follow this easy tutorial in eight simple steps!

PBS Food

Make Fennel Chicken for Dinner

This comfort food is a stew where fennel is braised with red onions, chicken and wine.

PBS Food

Spice Up Your Passover Seder Menu with Sephardic Flavors

Discover the role food plays in one of the most important Jewish holidays.

Next Avenue

8 Best Foods for Your Heart

Besides red wine and oatmeal, these and also lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

How to Purée
A Chef's Life

How to Purée

Puréed foods are smooth and add a richness to a dish. Learn how to get them just right.

A Chef's Life

How to Steam

Vivian demonstrates the keys to properly steam food like a professional chef.