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Canada Files, Candid Conversations with Celebrated Canadians

So many Canadians have made, and are making, their mark on the world stage in every sector of daily life. And while their names may be known to millions, their Canadian heritage may not. It's time for Canadians, Americans, and the world to understand what makes successful Canadians the people they've become, and what their success means to all of us. Canada Files is a weekly, half-hour interview program hosted by veteran Toronto broadcaster Jim Deeks.

The first season premiered in 2020. It included of 13 episodes of one-on-one interviews with Canada's most prominent and successful people. The interview guests are Canadian, but many of whom may also be resident in the US, and well known to American audiences. Season 2 of Canada Files  premiered in 2021, followed by season 3 in 2022..

Canada Files airs on WNED PBS on Sunday evenings at 6pm.

Find out why Canadians are America's best friends!

Episodes Season 3

Episode 1 |Ashleigh Banfield- Canadian-American journalist and host of Banfield.

Episode 2 | Cameron Bailey - CEO of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Episode 3 |Ted Barris - Broadcaster, historian, author of 20 books including The Great Escape – A Canadian Story.

Episode 4 |Stacey Allaster - Chief Executive, Professional Tennis for the U.S. Tennis Association.

Episode 5 |Michael Ignatieff- International scholar, broadcaster, author of 20 books, and former national Canadian politician.

Episode 6 | Zita Cobb- Former high-tech executive who returned home to Newfoundland and built the famous Fogo Island Inn.

Episode 7 |Daniel Lanois - Musician, songwriter, and renowned recording producer for such artists as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel and U2.

Episode 8 | Brian Greenspan - Brian Greenspan, renowned Canadian criminal lawyer.

Episode 9 | Silken Laumann - Former Olympic rowing champion, now a life coach, public speaker, mental health and children’s advocate.

Episode 10 | Bob Rae – Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, former national political leader.

Episode 11 | Joanna Griffiths - Woman entrepreneur, founder of KNIX women's clothing, and author of a book on postpartum motherhood..  

Episode 12 | Barry Avrich - Marketing executive, author, award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Episode 13 | Brian Mulroney - 18th Prime Minister of Canada, from 1984-1993, architect of NAFTA trade agreement.

Episodes Season 2

Episode 1 | David Frum- U.S. Political Commentator and staff writer for The Atlantic. He is also the author of several books, including TRUMPOCALYPSE: Restoring American Democracy.

Episode 2 | Larry O’Reilly - CEO of ARHT Media, a pioneer company in holographic technology. This episode will be the first long-form broadcast interview done by hologram!

Episode 3 | Wade Davis - An anthropologist, global social commentator, author, photographer, and ethnographer, Davis has had the opportunity to explore the globe, focusing on the natural world in his research.  He is also the author of a piece in Rolling Stone magazine that went totally viral last summer, called The Unraveling of America

Episode 4 |Edward Burtynsky - a world-renowned photographic artist, his works have been featured in the MOMA, Tate Modern, and the Reina Sofia Museum to name a few.

Episode 5 | Dr. Joe MacInnis - an undersea scientist and leadership expert, MacInnis is known for his work on the first polar undersea station and leading the crew that conducted the first scientific dives at the North Pole. While also having worked with NASA, the US Navy, and the Canadian government, MacInnis is a presentation speaker and one of the first to dive to the Titanic.

Episode 6 | Patrick Moore - co-founder of Greenpeace and former President of Greenpeace Canada and Director of Greenpeace International, and now a climate change skeptic, Moore has spoken at conferences for governments and businesses about topics such as the environment, energy, and sustainability. 

Episode 7 | Arlene Dickinson - most known for her role as Dragon/Venture Capitalist on the television series “Dragon’s Den”, Dickinson is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and board member for numerous groups that seek to serve the community.

Episode 8 | Mike Weir - Canadian professional golfer and former Masters Champion, Weir is known for his creation of the Mike Weir Foundation, which seeks to help families in need.

Episode 9 | Nancy Southern - Chair & CEO of ATCO, Southern is a business leader and philanthropist, serving on multiple business organizational boards. Southern is also an advocate for women in business and the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Episode 10 | Jean Charest – the former leader of the federal Conservative Party of Canada, and former Liberal Premier of the province of Quebec, from 2003-2012.  His election in 2003 helped to diminish the popularity of the separatist movement in the province.

Episode 11 | Graydon Carter - Canadian-born journalist and writer, former editor of Vanity Fair magazine (1992-2017), and founder and co-editor of AIR MAIL, a digital weekly magazine.  

Episode 12 | Kristen Hillman - Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., and former lead negotiator for Canada in the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement.

Episode 13 | Gordon Lightfoot - Canadian icon and music legend.

Episodes Season 1

Episode 1 | Margaret Atwood - Booker Prize-winning author Margaret Atwood

Canada Files premiered February 9, 2020 with Margaret Atwood

Episode 2 | Dr. David Suzuki - Dr. David Suzuki, environmentalist and Host of The Nature of Things

Episode 3 | Jimmy Pattison - Self-made Vancouver billionaire Jimmy Pattison

Episode 4 | Peter Mansbridge - Former CBC National News anchor and documentarian Peter Mansbridge

Episode 5 | Cassie Campbell - Former two-time Canadian Olympic Womens Hockey team Captain, and gold medal winner, Cassie Campbell

Episode 6 | Stephen Lewis - Former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

Episode 7 | Robbie Robertson - Legendary musician and former leader of The Band, Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson is interviewed by Canada Files host Jim Deeks

Episode 8 |Rick Mercer - Revered Canadian satirist and former television series host, Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer and Jim Deeks in conversation with Canada Files’ Jim Deeks

Episode 9 | Calin Rovinescu - President and CEO of Air Canada, Calin Rovinescu

Episode 10 |  Beverley McLachlin - Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Beverly McLachlin

Episode 11 | Susanne Craig - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with the New York Times, Susanne Craig

Episode 12 | Chris Hadfield – Former test pilot, astronaut, and Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield

Episode 13 | Best of… A compilation of clips from the first season of Canada Files.

Canada Files

Sundays at 6pm


Canada Files

A former television journalist and news anchor at CTV Toronto, Jim Deeks most recently co-hosted a program on RogersTV Toronto called Toronto Files. He’s also well-known to WNED viewers as one of its regular, on-air Pledge Drive hosts.

One of the underlying purposes of Canada Files is to give American audiences the opportunity to become aware of and appreciate Canadian heritage through the many guests they already know. As well, Canada Files will provide a better understanding of the role so many Canadians play on the North American stage.

“The last couple of years have seen a bit of strain in the unique and harmonious 200-year relationship we’ve had across our 5,500-mile border,” said Jim Deeks. “We thought this would be an interesting and entertaining way to reinforce our presence and goodwill with America, as well as reminding Canadian audiences of the importance of so many of our prominent people.”

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Canada Files is produced by Primary Counsel Productions

Production of the series has been underwritten by private Canadian donors and the Central Canadian Public Television Association (CCPTA), a registered Canadian charitable organization. CCPTA’s mission is to advance education through the production, distribution, and promotion of non-commercial television programs, films and other communications that are educational in nature.