Enjoy WNED PBS KIDS Family Night With Your Children!

Pop the popcorn, gather the juice boxes and make a date for Family Night with your children. It’s easy with a little help from WNED PBS KIDS.

Each Friday, the WNED PBS KIDS Channel brings you special programming for your family. Between 7 pm and 9 pm, you can see some of your favorites from PBS KIDS including movie specials and themed programming. The Family Night specials will repeat again on Saturday and Sunday nights.

You can find all the fun on WNED PBS KIDS Channel 17.3 over the air or on Channel 1276 on Spectrum, Channel 18 on Verizon FiOS and Channel 221 on Comcast Cable. Remember, that you can watch WNED PBS KIDS on your computer, tablet or phone too!

Splash and Bubbles
Odd Squad
Cat in the Hat
Sesame Street
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Wild Kratts

WNED PBS KIDS Family Night Schedule

Air Dates Subject to Change

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! | March 1-3, 2019

On this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night we’re celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! First up, it's The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Camping! The Cat in the Hat whisks Nick, Sally and Fish off on the greatest great outdoor camping adventure ever! Our gang gets back to nature as they hike through the Fickle Fern Forest, camp out overnight, trek over Mt. Weewobble and canoe down the Tickle Drop River....just in time for Fish to meet up with his family for a grand reunion. Along for the ride are Little Cats A, B and C, who discover there’s wonder in nature once their electronic devices are powered off!

Then at 8pm, it's The Cat in the Hat knows a Lot About Space! The Cat in the Hat joins Nick and Sally who are exploring the backyard when something extraordinary finds them-a flying robotic dog. ... The robot lands and does some exploring of his own, gulping up rock samples and photographing the Cat, Nick, Sally, and Fish before blasting off ...
Find out what happens next! on #FamilyMovieNight

To continue the fun try these activities:

You can get in a silly-moosian, Dr. Seussian mood when you try one of these DIY Seuss-inspired crafts from PBS KIDS for Parents.

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is also Read Across America day! If you’d like to make this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night Dr. Seuss celebration a celebration of books you should check out these book themed birthday party ideas from PBS KIDS for Parents. (Get it? Check them out???)

If after our PBS KIDS Family Night Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! extravaganza, you still haven’t had enough of THE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THAT! you can watch more anytime you like on the PBS KIDS Video Player.

Ready Jet Go!: Back to Bortron 7 - March 8-10, 2019

When Jet's parents need to return to their home planet, Sean and Sydney join the Propulsion family for on an epic adventure to Bortron 7. Find out what happens next! on #FamilyMovieNight.

To continue the fun try these activities:
Are you ready to blast off to Bortron 7? You can get ready for the big trip with this Scrapbook from Bortron 7 activity. What do you think Jet’s home planet looks like?

Recipe for Galactic Glitter Play Dough

Ready Jet Go! Activities from Pinterest Board from PBS KIDS

Hands-on: DIY Rocket Building

Online Game: Design your own rocket ship to go to Bortron 7 with Jet's Rocket Ship Creator

Who says you need to leave Earth to enjoy space? Explore planets, stars, and constellations in thefree Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer app. Download it here. How many constellations do you see?

Get ready totake flight with your own DIY airplane!

Odd Squad: The World Turned Odd - March 15-17, 2019

When Oona, Olympia, and Otis accidentally change the past, they undo every odd case Odd Squad has ever solved! The agents embark on a mission across time to set things right using a variety of math skills and teamwork!

To continue the fun try these activities:

Come up with your own ODD popcorn seasoning (that you like)!

Take the Odd Squad Quiz

Make Your Own Badge

Find the Blob Sleuthing Game

Check out the Spy School Games

Do some investigative work on your own and learn a little more about the ODD SQUAD from Agent Olympia’s behind-the-scenes show, ODD TUBE.

Get ready for your missions when you build your skills playing Sector 21. Can you find all the hidden creatures?

In ODD SQUAD: The World Turned Odd, Agents Otis and Olympia go back in time and accidentally undo every ODD SQUAD case ever solved (how odd!). You can experience an odd little blast from the past when you make your own DIY silly putty with this recipe from PBS Parents.