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Buffalo Toronto Public Media (BTPM) celebrates diversity, embraces innovation, values lifelong learning and partners with those who share our passion for public service. Recognizing that this can only be fulfilled by valuing diversity in the community and the workplace, we are strongly committed to increasing the diversity of our family of stations, our content choices, and the communities we serve by recruiting individuals – including managerial positions – of exceptional ability and talent from a broad range of ethnic and academic backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and lifestyles, and are dedicated to the inclusion, retention and advancement of all such individuals. We are active in our efforts to promote diversity in the media and the community at large, having founded and supported numerous initiatives focused on enhancing diversity.  Many BTPM employees are active in groups and organizations that support the inclusion, equity, and advancement of individuals of diverse backgrounds.

BTPM is committed to promoting an environment where differences are respected and unique ideas, perspectives, and contributions of our employees, board members, interns, volunteers, vendors, partners, and the communities we serve are valued and treated fairly. These perspectives offered from many different backgrounds not only strengthen BTPM and provide greater innovation and creativity, but enable us to thoughtfully respond to the needs of our stakeholders. Therefore, BTPM’s DEI initiatives include, but are not limited to, our practices and policies on recruitment and selection of staff, board members, and vendors, compensation and benefits, talent development, opportunities for advancement, content initiatives, and the ongoing development of an organizational culture built on inclusion that encourages and enforces:

  • Respectful representation, communication, and cooperation between all employees, board members, interns, volunteers, vendors, partners, and visitors
  • Teamwork and collaboration, encouraging the representation of all groups and perspectives
  • Engagement with the communities we serve to promote a greater understanding and respect for DEI

As representatives of BTPM, all have a responsibility to exhibit conduct that reflects inclusion during work and at all company-sponsored events. All are required to attend and complete annual diversity awareness training to enhance their knowledge to fulfill this responsibility. Any employee found to have exhibited any inappropriate conduct or behavior against others may be subject to disciplinary action. BTPM will remain diligent and actively monitor all partnerships to ensure they adhere to our DEI standards and practices.


All members of management are responsible for supporting BTPM’s commitment to a diverse workforce and services by actively ensuring that our DEI commitment is upheld.


Anyone that believes they have been subjected to any kind of discrimination that conflicts with BTPM’s DEI policy and initiatives, or any other status protected by law, should seek assistance from a member of management or People Operations.  Please refer to the Employee Handbook for additional policy information. 

BTPM is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to excellence through diversity, equity, and inclusion.