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Amplify (Verb); to make greater, or stronger; extend.

Buffalo Toronto Public Media (BTPM) is developing an exciting new community podcast initiative called amplify BTPM PODS. This project builds on our mission to serve our region with engaging, entertaining, and informative original content. 

The centerpiece of amplify BTPM PODS is engaging with our entire region with community-focused and produced content through our digital platforms. It’s designed with a special focus to increase access to podcasting resources for underserved and under-represented communities. BTPM brings with it decades of experience producing high-quality programming and content. We have a broad reach within Western New York and Southern Ontario, which will only enhance the opportunities and distribution for amplify BTPM PODS.

The initiative will incorporate a number of key components including an integrated mobile app, a Podcast Incubator, a Distribution Partnership Program, a Podcast Internship Program, and eventually newly built production studios. We want to insure those “driveway moments” go wherever you want to listen. amplify BTPM PODS puts community voices and stories everywhere!

Introducing the amplify BTPM PODS mobile app

amplify BTPM PODS mobile app

There are over 750,000 podcasts in the world. That’s a lot of podcasts. And that number climbs higher every day. With that much content out there, local podcasts can easily get lost in all of the clutter.

The amplify BTPM PODS app puts great local content in one place. Our hope is that people from Western New York and Southern Ontario will use the app to stay connected with audio produced right here in our region. The free app features BTPM podcasts alongside curated podcasts from talented creators from Western New York and Southern Ontario. We explore history, culture, arts, travel, and lifestyle programming from the best independent podcast producers in the region. 

Our curated selection of podcasts keeps listeners in touch with what’s trending, relevant, and relatable in our community. With the amplify BTPM PODS app, you can find podcasts from storytellers, experts, hobbyists, and comedians as well as shows from local cultural institutions, media companies, universities, and more.

We understand that not every story is ours to tell. However, as a community-licensed public broadcasting organization, it’s our mission to amplify the diverse voices in our region, to help build awareness and understanding of each other. We want to be a resource to help local podcasters grow. We promise to try to market and grow amplify BTPM PODS to keep bringing in more users and, hopefully, more listening for you. The more people discover, appreciate, and consume local content, the better it is for all of us.

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