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WNED Classical Top 100 Vote
WNED CLassical Top 100

Voting for this year’s WNED Classic 100 is Open!

In 2020, we introduced the WNED Classical Top 100 and invited listeners to cast their votes.  With more than 2,000 votes cast, Beethoven’s call to brotherhood in Symphony No. 9 came out number one. Set amidst the global backdrop of coronavirus lockdowns, Symphony No. 9 was a fitting choice for the 2020 top spot as people sought to connect through music.


Voting for the 2021 WNED Classical Top 100!is now closed.  We’re going through your ballots to create this year’s Ultimate Playlist.  Listen as we begin the countdown of the 2021 WNED Classical Top 100 Thursday, November 4th starting at 7am through November 10th! Will Beethoven defend his title, or will another composer take the top spot?  Check back here on November 11 for the complete list of the 2021 WNED Classical Top 100!


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How Voting Works for the Classical WNED Top 100

Voting begins 12:00 AM EDT on October 1, 2021 and ends 11:59 PM EDT October 24, 2021. You may vote for up to three different pieces, up to once per day. All subsequent votes must include different selections; you may not vote for the same selection more than once. We will do our best to interpret each entry, however, if we are unable to determine the selection, we will be unable to include the submission. All submissions are collected to help create the WNED Classical Top 100. WNED Classical maintains editorial control over the final playlist. Entries and comments may be used for promotional purposes.