More and more we are facing chronic conditions and are being asked to make important decisions about our own health. That can be a frightening prospect—or an empowering one. When it comes to health care, patients have more power than they think.

My Health Counts!, WNED-TV’s  six-part series hosted by Susan Hunt, focuses on the fundamentals of health and wellness—encouraging people to partner with their doctors and other members of their healthcare team; fostering self-management skills and giving people a better understanding of how to recognize and receive quality care.

My Health Counts: Partnering with Your Doctor focuses on building and growing your relationship with your doctors and other health care professionals. The importance of establishing workable goals and taking the first steps to wellness is stressed.


Host Susan Hunt is joined by patient advocate and writer, Trisha Torrey and physician, Dr. Michael Edbauer. Trisha Torrey,Every Patient's AdvocateSM, is a newspaper columnist, radio talk show host, patient empowerment expert, blogger, author and dynamic speaker. Michael Edbauer, DO is the Medical Director for the Catholic Independent Practice Association of Western New York (CIPA) and Vice President of Medical Affairs for Home Care and Primary Care for the Catholic Health System in Buffalo.

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