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Classical Snack, Opus 2311

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B Composers Quiz

You’ve probably heard of the three “B’s” in classical music – Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms. Well, here’s a little matching quiz about the three “Bs” and other “B” composers too. Each answer is used once. The answers are shown at the bottom. Share your score in the comments section – or send it to me at

a. Boulanger       b. Bruckner        c. Beethoven      d. Berlioz             e. Brahms

f. Barber              g. Bartok             h. Bach                i. Bernstein         j. Bologne

1 _____ This composer’s Symphony No. 5 is perhaps the world’s most famous piece of classical music.


2 _____ This composer only lived to be 24 years old.


3 _____ This composer is better-known as Chevalier de Saint-Georges and was a champion fencer.


4 _____ This composer’s Adagio for Strings was featured in the films Platoon and The Elephant Man.


5 _____ This composer played piano in taverns, dance halls, and brothels to make money.


6 _____ This composer was also a famous conductor and wrote the musical West Side Story.


7 _____ This composer was one of the original three “B’s,’ but was replaced with Brahms.


8 _____ This composer married twice and fathered 20 children.


9 _____ This composer was buried in America, but his remains were later moved to his native Hungary.


10 ____ This composer lived with what we now call OCD and was obsessed with death.





1 c          2 a         3 j           4 f          5 e         6 i           7 d         8 h         9 g          10 b


Marty Wimmer

Marty Wimmer is your Midday Host on WNED Classical. He’s been with WNED since 1995. Recently retired from a long career as a public school music teacher, Marty is thrilled that he still gets to talk about music every day. He lives in Buffalo and is grateful for the many good friends he has in our local classical music community. You can reach Marty at

Marty Wimmer