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Classical Snack, Opus 2312

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CLASSICAL SNACK, OPUS 2312The First Year in Review

Classical Snack | The First Year in Review

It’s a celebration – our twelfth monthly installment of Classical Snack! Whether it’s your first time reading or your twelfth, we’re glad you’re here! The goal of Classical Snack is simple – to offer tidbits of information about classical music that might enhance your WNED Classical listening experience. That’s it!

Piano Player and Still Life, Henri Matisse
Piano Player and Still Life, Henri Matisse

Today, we’re reviewing the first year of Classical Snack. We’re also asking you to help us plan next year. Is there a classical music topic you’d like to read about in a future Classical Snack? Maybe you’d like to learn more about a certain composer, or performer.  Maybe there’s an instrument, term, form, or style you’d like to read about. Whatever comes to mind, please send it to us and we’ll write about it in 2024! Send your ideas to:

Here are links to 2023’s installments. Enjoy!

January 2023: What is Baroque? Op. 2301.


February 2023: Symphony vs. Concerto: What’s the Difference? Op. 2302


March 2023: WNED’s Unofficial House Band: The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Op. 2303


April 2023: Alpha-Bach Soup: JS Bach & Sons, Op. 2304


May 2023: The Elements of Music, Op. 2305


June 2023: Chopin: A Closer Look, Op. 2306


July 2023: Chill Classical Piano, Op. 2307


August 2023: What’s the Difference: Symphony vs. Orchestra, Op. 2308


September 2023: Trek I: Terms in Music to Describe Tempo, Eras, & Forms, Op. 2309


October 2023: Classical Dance Party Weekend! The Dances of Classical Music, Op. 2310


November 2023: The Three B’s: A Quiz, Op. 2311


December 2023: Classical Snack: The First Year In Review, Op. 2312

Marty Wimmer

Marty Wimmer is your Midday Host on WNED Classical. He’s been with WNED since 1995. Recently retired from a long career as a public school music teacher, Marty is thrilled that he still gets to talk about music every day. He lives in Buffalo and is grateful for the many good friends he has in our local classical music community. You can reach Marty at

Marty Wimmer