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High School 9th - 12th Grade

Activities for High School Students

GRADES 4 - 12

Learn at Home Discussion Questions

We created these Discussion Question Cards cards to use with Learn at Home programs

High School Students

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs

Connecting students with a network of public broadcasting mentors, an innovative journalism curriculum and an online collaborative space

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PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia

Inspire your kids and students with free teaching resources including videos, lesson plans, and games aligned to state and national standards.

Resources From PBS LearningMedia

Resources from PBS LearningMedia to support educators and families while discussing: race,racism, protesting, civil rights, Black history and historical individuals, bias and more.

Confronting Anti-Black Racism

Use these materials with middle and high school students to help them understand the long history of anti-Black racism in the United States, and think about ways to address it.

Confronting Bias: Ethics in the Classroom

This collection provides teachers tools to incorporate ethics education in the classroom, promote understanding of differing viewpoints, and foster civil dialogue about bias.

The Arts

World Languages

English Language

Health | Physical Education



Social Studies

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Find resources to support families and educators talking about racism, protesting, civil rights, Black history and historical individuals, bias, past and current events,and more.

Educational Videos

Our education colleagues at PBS station WCNY in Syracuse have been working with classroom teachers to provide students with instructional videos filmed with area educators. WCNY’s TV Classroom allows children to continue to connect with real teachers and have the continuity of a classroom experience at home. While some of the curriculum may differ slightly from Western New York curriculum, we feel that the overall learning concepts remain the same.

Social Studies 101

Mr. Stamoulacatos illustrates the importance of civic participation and thinking critically to evaluate biased information.

Health and Wellness 102

Brandon Herwick teaches the FITT principle and provides a variety of exercises to keep students physically active at home.

Secondary Science 103

Ms. Feyl-Crane and Dr. Corcoran discuss the properties of matter, including mass and volume, and demonstrate formulas which students can use to solve for each.

Secondary Science 104

Dr. Corcoran and Ms. Feyl-Crane discuss the relationship between mass and volume -- density -- and how to measure this relationship given a variety of examples.

Math Algebra 110

Mrs. Cifonelli demonstrates how to identify and use mathematical functions.

Math Algebra 118

Exploring linear and exponential functions by studying the coronavirus.

From PBS Digital Studios

The Art Assignment

The Art Assignment is a weekly PBS Digital Studios production hosted by curator Sarah Urist Green. We explore art and art history through the lens of things happening today.

Physics Girl

With experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries, Physics Girl sheds new light on the fun, adventurous side of physical science.

Space Time

Space Time explores the outer reaches of space, the craziness of astrophysics, the possibilities of sci-fi, and anything else you can think of beyond Planet Earth.

Sound Field

Music teachers explore the culture behind our favorite songs and musical styles.