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WNED Classical Top 20 Composers Vote
Top 20 Composers

Votes for this year’s WNED Classical Top 20 Composers been tabulated!

For several years now we’ve asked listeners like you to name your favorite pieces of music. From your choices, we’ve generated a list of the Top 100 favorite pieces of Classical Music. Over the years that list has settled into an almost unbroken pattern with Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 taking the top spot.


So this year we tried something different; and are putting together a list of the top 20 favorite COMPOSERs: A list that you as a listener to WNED Classical must help to decide.


We asked you to nominate 3 of your favorite composers for the brand new (!) list of the WNED Classical Top 20 Favorite Composers. Listeners  which composer will take the top spot.


527 listeners nominated 160 different composers as their favorites. Of that number 37 composers were in the hunt to be among the top twenty. It was extremely close.


Tune in October 31- November 6th as we reveal your WNED Classical Top 20 Favorite Composers! We will reveal the list counting down from twenty . Reveals are at 10am, 1pm & 6pm on weekdays and on Saturday & Sunday at 10am & 4pm. 

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WNED Classical Top 20 Composers are...

1. Beethoven

2. Bach

3. Mozart

4. Vivaldi

5. Dvorak

6. Tchaikovsky

7. Chopin

8. Debussy

9. Handel

10. Brahms

11. Rachmaninoff

12. Copeland

13. Vaughn Williams

14. Schubert

15.  George Gershwin

16.  John Williams

17.  Mahler

18.  Ravel 

19.  Sibelius 

20.  Mendelssohn 

How Voting Works for the Classical WNED Top 20 favorite Composers

Voting begins 12:00 AM EDT on October 3, 2023 and ends 11:59 PM EDT October 22, 2023. You may vote for up to three different composers, up to once per day. All subsequent votes must include different selections; you may not vote for the same selection more than once. We will do our best to interpret each entry, however, if we are unable to determine the selection, we will be unable to include the submission. All submissions are collected to help create the WNED Classical Top 20 Favorite Composers list. WNED Classical maintains editorial control over the final playlist. Entries and comments may be used for promotional purposes.

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