WBFO's Mental Health Initiative
Stories of Stigma and Stuggle
In this video series meet people who are dealing with a variety of mental health issues. We profile sufferers of mental illness from depression to bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, sharing personal stories of the illness they face, the challenges they had to overcome to receive treatment and the role that stigma and silence have played in their lives.
Stories of Stigma and Struggle

Mark Wozniak | You're Not Alone

As part of WBFO’s Mental Health initiative, we offer stories of stigma and struggle, an inside look at mental illness and its impacts. In our first video, WBFO’s Mark Wozniak shares his personal story of depression, how he has dealt with it, and what can be learned from it.


The focus of WBFO’s Mental Health Initiative is to normalize the conversation about mental illness by bringing this issue from the shadows into everyday light. This two-year project will provide in-depth coverage of mental health issues and help to build the mental health literacy of our community.
WBFO's Mental Health Initiative is funded by the Patrick P. Lee Foundation