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WNED PBS Health and Wellness

WNED PBS health and wellness programs empower viewers to take charge of their personal health and wellness, take preventative measures against disease and be aware of damaging health behaviors and addictions. These award-winning productions have raised awareness about crucial health-related issues and are an essential element of the mission of Buffalo Toronto Public Media.

Target Prevention

Target Prevention

Target Prevention, a WNED PBS original production, will show you the most effective things you can do to take control of your health. Research demonstrates the positive impact of exercise and good nutrition. Small choices we make every day really do impact our health. We also need to make certain that we take advantage of screening tests that lead to early detection, better treatment and even prevention. Our “targets” with this program are cardiovascular disease and cancer focusing on high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer.

This WNED PBS production premiered in February 2015.

“Target Prevention” is funded by Independent Health.

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Tragedy and Hope: Stories of Painkiller Addiction

Tragedy and Hope: Stories of Painkiller Addiction

Tragedy and Hope: Stories of Painkiller Addiction shares the experiences of young people from Western New York who are struggling with addiction recovery. Most of the young people are making progress towards wellness and they discuss their long term fight for recovery; others have not been as fortunate. By utilizing their personal stories backed by addiction treatment specialists, researchers and parent insights, the hope is to raise awareness and advocacy for this serious epidemic in our community. Prescription painkiller addiction has no gender, race, or social status symbolism; it can affect anyone, at any age.

This WNED PBS production premiered in November 2013.

Funding for “Tragedy and Hope Stories of Painkiller Addiction” has been provided by BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York and the members of WNED PBS.

Tragedy and Hope: Stories of Painkiller Addiction educator resources on PBS LearningMedia

My Health Counts!

More and more we are facing chronic conditions and are being asked to make important decisions about our own health. That can be a frightening prospect—or an empowering one. When it comes to health care, patients have more power than they think.

My Health Counts!, a WNED PBS six-part series, focuses on the fundamentals of health and wellness—encouraging people to partner with their doctors and other members of their healthcare team; fostering self-management skills and giving people a better understanding of how to recognize and receive quality care.

Major funding for “My Health Counts!” is provided by BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York. With additional funding provided by Catholic Health System, Atwal Eye Care Associates and the McGuire Group. With foundation support by “Aligning Forces For Quality”, an initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the John R. Oishei Foundation, and the Robert J. Stransky Foundation. Produced in partnership with the P2 Collaborative of Western New York.

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Life Journeys: Solutions for Caregivers

Life Journeys Solutions for Caregivers is a four-part public television series that takes a closer look at the trials and triumphs of family caregiving. With 50 million Americans playing this pivotal role in the life of a sick or elderly loved one, the need for informational and empowering television programming has never been greater.

Join host, Susan Hunt, a well-known Buffalo producer and experienced caregiver, explore a wide range of issues and topics that will help families increase their knowledge and skills, while decreasing their levels of stress.

“Life Journeys: Solutions for Caregivers” is funded by the John R. Oishei Foundation.

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