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TIFF Behind the Festival Promo

Highlights of Piers Handling's major achievements and the growth of TIFF.

TIFF Behind the Festival | Premieres Nov. 23 at 8pm

TIFF Behind the Festival will highlight its CEO Piers Handlings major achievements, explore the growth of TIFF as a film culture organization and the development of this event from its first years to becoming a premier launchpad for Oscar nominated films. TIFF Behind the Festival will also examines TIFF's role in supporting Canadian filmmakers and promoting diverse voices through the language of international film. Additionally, the program attempts to answer big questions about the future of cinema in the digital age and the function of TIFF in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

TIFF Behind teh Festival is made possible by the Central CAnadian Public Television Association.

      Shaw Festival 2018 Season Preview Promo

      Rating: TV-PG

      2018 Shaw Festival Season Preview

      In the spirit of George Bernard Shaw, the Shaw Festival entertains audiences from near and far in picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Their diverse acting ensemble and production company presents a season from April – October, offering up 14 different plays on 3 stages.

      This WNED-TV production premiered April 6, 2018.

      The Shaw Festival 2018 Season Preview is made possible by the members of WNED-TV.

          Buffalo's New Education Bargain

          Rating: NR

          Buffalo's New Education Bargain

          The Buffalo Public Schools, the second-largest district in New York, is looking towards the future with a new education reform plan. Spearheaded by Buffalo Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash, this initiative is known as the New Education Bargain, and it aims to deliver an equal and high-quality education, to accelerate academic performance, to strengthen families and communities and to prepare students for the future. The promise is this: if students work hard and parents commit to their child’s education, the Buffalo Schools will guarantee them a path to opportunity, achievement and success.

          This WNED-TV production premiered on January 22, 2018.

          Buffalo's New Education Bargain is made possible by the members of WNED-TV.

          Decision 2017 - The Race for Buffalo Mayor

          Rating: TV-G

          Mayoral candidates debated the issues in the WNED|WBFO studios in downtown Buffalo.

          Decision 2017: The Race for Buffalo Mayor

          WNED|WBFO broadcasted “Decision 2017: The Race for Buffalo Mayor”, a live debate featuring the three Democratic candidates for Buffalo mayor on Wednesday, September 6.

          Incumbent Byron Brown and challengers Betty Jean Grant and Mark Schroeder participated in the live debate that was broadcast on WNED-TV and WBFO Radio. The stations partnered with The Buffalo News and WGRZ-TV.

          This WNED-TV production premiered on September 6, 2017.

          Visit the Decision 2017: The Race for Buffalo Mayor page

          Chautauqua Spotlight

          Rating: NR

          Chautauqua Spotlight

          WBFO’s Brian Meyer sits down with Michael Hill as he begins his inaugural year as the 18th President of Chautauqua Institution. They’ll discuss Hill’s wealth of experience, his vision for the institution, and shine a spotlight on some of the activities and speakers scheduled for the upcoming season.

          This WNED-TV production premiered on May 12, 2017.

          “Chautauqua Spotlight” is made possible by the members of WNED-TV.

          Visit the Chautauqua Spotlight page

          Your Life, Your Money

          Rating: TV-G

          Your Life, Your Money

          Your Life, Your Money empowers young people to get their financial life on track. This upbeat, fast-paced program features real-life stories of young adults navigating a variety of economic challenges. Hosted by charismatic actor Donald Faison (Scrubs, Clueless), the documentary encourages viewers to “give purpose to every penny.” In no-nonsense terms, it delivers basic financial advice on credit, savings, insurance and other important topics. Major national personal finance experts; hip-hop icon Russell Simmons; and R&B/pop singer D.Woods (Danity Kane) add their insight to the issues.

          This WNED-TV production premiered on PBS in September 2009.

          Funding for “Your Life, Your Money” has been provided by HSBC in the Community (USA) Inc. Foundation.

          Garden Wisdom for Western New York and Southern Ontario

          Expires: 01/20/19
          Rating: TV-G

          Garden Wisdom For Western New York and Southern Ontario

          Hosted by Susan Hunt and geared toward the specific needs of gardeners in Western New York and Southern Ontario, this program offers secrets to planning, cultivating and nurturing your own great gardens and landscapes using time-proven solutions and sustainable practices as well as tips and shortcuts for gardeners of all levels of experience that will save time, money and resources. The production approach of the program focuses on practical, useful information that viewers can easily put to use. It is about getting our hands into the dirt and demonstrating time-tested gardening techniques. Gardening experts from Western New York and Southern Ontario will have you cultivating your own great garden in no time.

          This WNED-TV production premiered in March 2016.

          “Garden Wisdom” is made possible by HSBC Bank USA and members of WNED-TV.

          Making a Difference 2016

          Rating: NR

          Making A Difference

          The 2016 edition of Making a Difference featuring those who give back in Western New York. Making a Difference was created to capture the stories of true champions who dedicate their time to worthy causes, emphasize the importance of volunteerism and encourage others to step in and lend a helping hand. The program highlights eight individuals in a half-hour television documentary on WNED-TV and with radio reports on WBFO.

          This WNED-TV production premiered in February 2016.

          “Making a Difference” is funded in part by First Niagara Foundation and Rich Products. With additional support from Univera Healthcare and the members of WNED | WBFO.

          The Great Erie County Fair

          As the summer peaks in Western New York, the Erie County Fair becomes the talk of the town. For 12 days every August, the fairgrounds in Hamburg draw more than a million visitors to the exhibition halls, animal barns, commercial displays, midway and entertainment arenas. From austere beginnings to its current incarnation as a sometimes colorful, often overwhelming and always fascinating event, the Erie County Fair has become an institution.

          The Great Erie County Fair, a WNED-TV original production, celebrates 175 years of tradition and documents all the charm, excitement, stories and competitive spirit that animate the fair.

          This WNED-TV production premiered in June 2014.

          "The Great Erie County Fair" has been funded by the Erie County Agricultural Society and the members of WNED-TV.


          Remembering Crystal Beach Park

          For anyone growing up in Western New York and Southern Ontario, Crystal Beach was a staple of summer life. Remembering Crystal Beach Park takes you back through its 101 year history with archive photos and film from private collections. Relive memories of the Canadiana, the Grand Ballroom, the Cyclone, the Comet, the Laff in the Dark, the Magic Carpet, Hall's Suckers, Sugar Puff Waffles and more.

          This WNED-TV premiered in September 2008.

          "Remembering Crystal Beach Park" has been funded by Ted's Charcoal Broiled Hot Dogs, Buffalo Niagara Convention and Visitor Bureau, Batavia Downs Gaming and members of WNED-TV.


          Chefs of Toronto

          Chefs of Toronto celebrates the cuisine of Canada’s largest city.The program features ten of Toronto’s finest chefs and restaurants through cooking demonstrations right in their own kitchens. Ranging from salads to main courses to desserts, the program captures the talents and diversity of each of the chefs featured.

          This WNED-TV production premiered in September 2011.

          Funding for “Chefs of Toronto” is provided by Balderson Cheese and One King West Hotel and Residence.

          Focus On Education: Student Voices

          Focus on Education: Student Voices

          In education reform, we consistently hear from state and local leaders, school boards and district superintendents on change and student performance. Many times students are not directly asked what their concerns are or the challenges they face in meeting these expectations.

          WNED | WBFO hosted 42 students from 13 area high schools to discuss their concerns. From these discussions, it was determined that the three most prevalent concerns of the students were personal matters and peer relationships, family and home environment, and existing school support systems. Seven of these students were invited back to the WNED-TV studio to share their stories and insights with classmates, staff and the viewing audience. Program hosts, WBFO News Director, Brian Meyer, and Senior Reporter, Eileen Buckley explore what students are saying about their daily struggles in and out of school.

          This WNED-TV production premiered in May 2015.

          “Focus on Education: Student Voices” is made possible in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate Let’s Make it Happen initiative.