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Welcome to the new WNED | WBFO website!

The redesigned wned.org provides the same great content in more accessible ways!


We are proud to share our redesigned website! It’s been crafted to share our quality content, showcase our events and resources, connect our viewers and listeners to information that matters and share the impact of WNED | WBFO.  We’re so excited for you to take it for a spin!

Right away, you'll notice simple navigation and access to the information you need, any time of day. wned.org is designed be the hub for all of our services, showcasing all that WNED | WBFO has to offer. Our improved website is a destination for learning about our shows, discovering how to listen and watch, exploring our different content and initiating financial support for WNED | WBFO.

Three things you'll love about wned.org: 

Responsive design of wned.org

Responsive design-

We heard you! Many of our viewers and listeners explore what’s new from WNED | WBFO using their smartphones or tablets. Now, you’ll notice, everything looks just a little bit better on smaller devices. The images are bigger, the text is bigger and the content adjusts so it looks just right on all types of screens.

Additional content not available on our traditional broadcast channels-

We know more people are watching and listening to content online than ever before. In addition to streaming our television programs and radio services,  we are dedicated to producing and presenting original content that you’ll find right here on wned.org.  The first digital-exclusive project is "Our Vietnam Voices” - a series showcasing  Vietnam veterans and others affected by the war in our region. 

Showcasing our Original Productions-

WNED-TV has been Western New York and Southern Ontario’s storyteller for nearly 60 years! The station long ago established itself as an originator of television content for PBS. Many of our productions highlight historic and cultural treasures of Southern Ontario and Western New York. Explore our productions, most of which can be streamed directly from our website- even in Canada. Many of the pages include additional information, photos , bonus videos and educator resources.

Want more? Below is an in-depth look at what you can expect in each section and where you can find your favorite areas.

What's On Now
Where are the schedules?
You can see what is currently playing and access schedules for all six of our services from the "What's On Now" section of our home page. 
You can also find schedules for individual services on our
 TV schedule page, WBFO schedule page, and Classical 94.5 WNED schedule page. Remember, you’ll always find the most accurate and up-to-date schedules on our website.
Woman watching PBS programs on-demand
How do I watch online?
Watch anytime, anywhere—
Many PBS programs are available on-demand for a limited time through our video portal -  http://video.wned.org/  
WNED | WBFO Passport is the member benefit that provides you with extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming. Featuring both PBS and select local programming, WNED | WBFO Passport allows you to watch even more episodes of your favorite shows, including releases of entire new seasons. 
The WNED PBS KIDS 24/7 channel can also be streamed directly from our website . 
Keep your PBS KIDS entertained and engaged with quality, educational shows. 
Can I stream the radio services?
You can stream WBFO, Classical 94.5 WNED and Jazzworks right from the home page—there are also links on the WBFO, Classical 94.5 WNED, Jazzworks pages.
man listening to WBFO on his phone
What was that song that just played on Classical 94.5 WNED?
Use “Search the playlist” to find out what piece played two minutes ago, two hours ago or even last Tuesday. Simply enter the date and the approximate time and you can see everything that played that hour.
Search the Playlist
Where can I learn about ways to support WNED | WBFO
It’s because of you that we are able to keep such quality programming on the air! Learn about the various “Ways to Support” our family of stations.
How can I learn about upcoming events and opportunities?
Visit the Screenings and Events page to learn about upcoming screenings and events from WNED | WBFO.
Where can I find content dedicated to kids?
Our website has sections with content tailored specifically for Parents & Caregivers and Kids.  So get ready to jump-start family learning, explore parenting resources, crafts, games and activities. You can even connect your little one with the 24/7 WNED PBS KIDS channel—streaming anytime, anywhere right from wned.org.
Do you have any resources for teachers?
Yes, there is an entire section of the website devoted to teachers! You’ll find thousands of free classroom ready, standards-aligned digital resources.  Including many lesson plans connected to WNED Productions like the War of 1812 and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Buffalo, professional development resources, and even the latest in education news.
Teacher in classroom
WNED-TV Program Highlights
How can I learn about your shows?
Check out the 
WNED-TV Program Highlights page. You can watch previews for upcoming programs, explore behind-the-scenes content and extras from your favorite shows and be the first to find out what’s coming up this week, this month and beyond.
Explore the WNED-TV Production pages for local and national programs produced by our award-winning team.
For fans of lifestyle and how-to programming the WNED thinkbright Create page is the place to find out about new shows, schedules and weekend marathons.
How can I learn about WNED | WBFO?
Take a look at the About page.
How can I get help?
View some of the most frequently asked questions we get. Our contact us page also offers options for reaching us.
Contact US